In His Pocket

Mr. Diamond (Chris) and I have an interesting relationship.  We have always had a lot of fun together and he reminded me not too long ago that we have been together an amazing 2/3 rds of our lives.  That is a long time in dog years as a favorite pastor used to say. The geographic separation is wearing a bit thin as we are at almost 5 months of him being in Texas and me being in Iowa.  The good thing is that we DO get to see each other.  More than some other couples who have to be separated … [Read more...]

Things I Have Learned as a Mom

Things I Have Learned as a Mom You can never give or receive too many hugs. Never. Fun bandaids make almost anything feel better. Kids say the cutest things and it is important to write those down immediately. Baby books don't write themselves. I speak from experience about this one. Choose your battles---some things just aren't important to fight about. It's true--time passes very quickly. It is important to be there--no matter what ---even at 2 a.m. when the teenager finally … [Read more...]

Regrets? I’ve Had Very Few.

Regrets?  I am very happy to say that I have had very few.  I attempt to live my life daily by taking full advantage of what each day has to offer.  Oh I am far from perfect, let me just set you straight on that---but I have discovered that I live a fuller and better life if I live without regrets. That is one reason why I continue to place a high value on friendships (both real and imaginary) that come my way.  I strive to be a good friend and stay in touch with those who are no longer close to … [Read more...]

The Simplest of Projects

You know EXACTLY what I mean.  That project that starts out to be an easy thing and suddenly morphs into a major renovation or time sync.  I know you know what I mean. We have all been there.  One small little thing turns into a huge undertaking.  My story is not unlike yours. It all started with this. It was clearly time to replace the water filter on the refrigerator.   Being ever prepared thanks to Amazon Subscribe and Save I had the filter tucked away for just this occasion.   Of … [Read more...]

My 2 Week Recap

It has been a wild 2 weeks.  I woke up in my own bed, with my own husband (good thing, huh?) Drinking my favorite coffee.  Cuddling with my favorite cats.  Life is good! I LOVE my life.  Can I just say that again?  I LOVE MY LIFE!   The past two weeks I have stayed in 5 different places and even though that makes it a challenge for packing I did really well this time packing exactly the right stuff and came home with only a couple things that I did not use.  WIN! So what did I do the past … [Read more...]

12 Things I Learned in 2012

A short list of a few things that I have learned in 2012.....what did YOU learn? 1. It is always better to have a plan for what happens when you can no longer take care of yourself and your home.  Chris and I WILL have a plan. 2. The IRS moves slowly in some cases and it is best to have an advocate working along with you especially in estate dealings. 3. 50 is NOT the new 40.  Nor is 52 the new 42..... 4. It is good to be flexible when traveling---especially at the holidays. 5. … [Read more...]

Flying, Friends, Frigid, Family Friday!!!!

It's been a great week at It's Just Life!  I hope that I did not shock some of you with my Woodiees post yesterday but it was just too good to not write about!  We are enjoying the last few days of warmer weather before fall sets in--the leaves are almost all blown off the trees and the air is definitely getting cooler.  It is finally Friday and even though I am no longer punching the old time clock I look forward to Fridays as if I were!  The weekend is still something to definitely look … [Read more...]

Back from being A.W.O.L.

Yep---I left for a bit and didn't tell you guys!!   I had planned to do some posts while I was gone but you know---it just did not happen.  First we took Carlton home.   He was thrilled to get back home to his "Man Cave" and his own routine but he sure had fun with us which makes me know that he can stay with us anytime he wants to!! That is a good thing to know!!! Then it was off to be a part of a truly special event in the life of our sweet great niece, Harper Adelle, as she was baptized. … [Read more...]

Hope = Glass Half Full

School is starting everywhere and I have an assignment.  Miranda from Scattering Moments wrote an amazing blog post about hope.  As it turns out it is part of a bigger thing going on in the blogosphere where some tagging is going on.  She tagged me.  I am trying to rise to the challenge though there is no way I will ever be able to come close to touching her story of hope---I offer you my own perspective. Hope is both a verb and a noun which should tell you something about the word itself.  … [Read more...]

Baking and Painting

Some of you know that we have Chris's brother, Carlton, with us for a couple of weeks.  13 days to be exact according to him.  He is a numbers guy.  Ask him when his birthday is in the next couple of years and he can tell you what day of the week it falls on.  Christmas---same thing.  Last night he was reciting all the birthdays and anniversaries in the family.  He usually gets them right and if he is off he kind of has a hard time admitting it.  :-)   I am trying to keep him happy and busy … [Read more...]