My Teenaged Door

Do you remember me talking about my teenaged door?  Let me refresh your memory (or you can click here for a past post about it).  Our front door had acne and a bad case of it at that.  We assume that the previous owners had painted the front door in order to hide the fading wood when they put the house on the market.  But the problem came with what we suspect is the incorrect type of paint that was used at one time on it. When we repainted it awhile back the paint went on fine but then the … [Read more...]

Shopping in the Sky

You know that I love to share, right?  I am that kind of person.  The kind that likes to share great things with her friends so today I am going to share yet some more wonderful gift ideas from the SkyMall magazine.  A recent trip to North Carolina allowed me the pleasure to travel via Delta Airlines and peruse the always available SkyMall magazine for delightful finds.  I was not disappointed.  Actually this time I did find some things that were great ideas.  You might recall my previous post … [Read more...]

The Simplest of Projects

You know EXACTLY what I mean.  That project that starts out to be an easy thing and suddenly morphs into a major renovation or time sync.  I know you know what I mean. We have all been there.  One small little thing turns into a huge undertaking.  My story is not unlike yours. It all started with this. It was clearly time to replace the water filter on the refrigerator.   Being ever prepared thanks to Amazon Subscribe and Save I had the filter tucked away for just this occasion.   Of … [Read more...]


We have yet another new gadget in our household----it is a Nest.  Our son got one and now we have one.  Oh happy joy joy!  What is a Nest, you ask???  THIS is a Nest.... It is a fancy schmancy thermostat that was designed by a former top designer for Apple (Tony Fadell) which explains the sleek and cool looking design.  It is a WiFi enabled device that learns what your habits are and adjusts to accommodate those. After just a week of setting it manually it will start to adjust the temperature … [Read more...]

Pinning? With Pleasure!

Yep---I love Pinterest and have gotten sucked into it .  I don't spend a ton of time on it but when I first discovered it early on I was pinned  hooked.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with it it is a great social media website that allows members to share pictures of things that they love.  It could be recipes, home DIY projects, crafts, favorite books, clothing and style makers, sayings and quotes, photography---the sky is the limit.  The member "pins" images that link to the website or … [Read more...]

Exercise? You Betcha!

I am not an exercise fiend.  I wish that I was.  I wish I liked to sweat but quite honestly it is not my thing.  Even if you call it glistening it still is not my favorite thing.  When we lived in Australia I walked the beach by the Coral Sea (yea, I know--pretty cool) every day.  It got to be really really hot at times but it was such a great work out and I loved it.  Coming back to the land of not so temperate weather in Iowa was difficult to put it bluntly. Chris and I have a house that … [Read more...]