In His Pocket

Mr. Diamond (Chris) and I have an interesting relationship.  We have always had a lot of fun together and he reminded me not too long ago that we have been together an amazing 2/3 rds of our lives.  That is a long time in dog years as a favorite pastor used to say.

The geographic separation is wearing a bit thin as we are at almost 5 months of him being in Texas and me being in Iowa.  The good thing is that we DO get to see each other.  More than some other couples who have to be separated because of job circumstances. We just spent some fabulous time together at Thanksgiving with our sons and those were wonderful days.  I am grateful beyond belief that we were able to do that.

We text and email quite often during the day and always have at least one phone call or FaceTime before the day ends and that makes it much more bearable.  I have become quite a bit more independent because—well—I have to be.  No one else is going to do it for me so I just do what I need to do and that is not a bad thing at all.

Chris does worry about me at times because I tend to be a bit of a klutz.  Since he is not here he basically forbade me to get Christmas decorations down from the shelves in the garage because in his words he “knew I would fall and be lying on the garage floor in a frozen state by the time he figured out something was wrong”.  I posted the following picture on Facebook and my friend, Ann, who knew of the edict of my husband questioned me as to whether those were decorations. (She was just looking out for my welfare, after all.)1Buddy and Snowmen

Yes they are “decorations” but they were in a container that was on the floor of the garage–not on shelves.  So I did not break my husband’s directives.

Tonight he called me while we were both getting supper ready and I propped my phone up on the counter so I could FaceTime but still be doing supper preparations.  I looked over at the phone to look at him and this is what I saw.1facetime

He was still talking but he was not there in the picture part of the phone and I asked him what was going on with his video feed.  He replied “Oh—I put you in my pocket because I was heating something up”.  Let me tell you–that pocket is dark and I was glad when he took me out of it.

And that, my friends, is why I love this man so much.  A continual source of amusement—even from inside his pocket.


  1. Thank you for the laugh!

  2. New meaning to the phrase, “He had her in his pocket.” Cute story.

  3. Funny story. How wonderful you all were together at Thanksgiving.

    • It was a lovely Thanksgiving in all ways. Christmas is just around the corner and the boys will both be with us in Texas for almost a whole week!!! I can not wait.

  4. So glad you had some time together, although it may have been brief. My husband and I had over a year apart many moons ago, due to a job/move, so I know exactly how you feel. Independent wise, yes I’m right there with you. Now as far as getting decorations and stuff down from attic, that’s my job as he no longer can climb the stairs! BUT…he’s always there to help. Try to stay out of the pocket next time!!

    • I don’t really complain too much about it—-it is just our life right now but I got spoiled when he was home all the time the first half of the year. I am just going to enjoy the season a little less decorated this year.

  5. Oh, that Chris. He is hilarious. Now, no climbing ladders.

  6. That’s too funny! Sounds like something my husband might do – or he would probably just hang up and call back after! 🙂

  7. Ha! Glad you got out of his pocket — no one likes to be kept in the dark! 😉 Cute post.

  8. This made me chuckle!

  9. That was very funny. I can see how he amuses you. has it been 5 months already? Wow. Glad to see you are managing OK.

  10. So cute! At times, I feel so close to my hubby that I wish I could be in his pocket (sappy). Love this post – it just illustrates the wonderful relationship you two have!

  11. Chris is very thoughtful. I love the expression on Buddy’s face.

  12. Great post!!!! At least you’re not afraid of the dark!!!!!

  13. I absolutely love that! I can’t wait for you guys…when you’re reunited, but cry for me!

  14. Now that’s funny!

  15. He can’t get away with much, can he? LOL I’m glad you have a friend to keep an eye on you. Not that you’d get into trouble or anything. ahem. I’m thankful for electronics to keep us in touch with our loved ones.

  16. Do you remember the Brownie song? I’ve got something in my pocket?
    I’ve got something in my pocket, it belongs across my face.
    I keep it very close at hand, in a most convenient place.
    I’m sure you couldn’t guess it if you guessed a long, long while.
    So I’ll take it out and put it on, it’s a Great Big Brownie Smile!
    Close at hand, convenient place, and big smile. I think it easily adapts to this story.

  17. LOL! I did the same thing to my hubby, who is away on training right now, because he Skyped right in the middle of my posting a blog comment, so I minimized the window to finish the comment, and just kept talking even though I couldn’t see him anymore. He was mildly offended – LOL. I just find talking to the video screen a bit awkward.

    • But you did not put him in your pocket! Totally get why you minimized him. I am horrible at doing blog comments or anything of much length on my phone. I always end up missing a typo and posting something ridiculous.

  18. Did you feel like Tinkerbell?

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