Somehow I Remembered It Differently

When I was little I lived in this house.  My grade school friend, Beth Rich Brown (Yes, she now has MY maiden name) was in Hannibal, Ohio recently and took a picture of my old house and sent it to me.  How sweet was that??? I have very fond memories of living here --at least for the years that I can remember.  We moved here the summer after I was born in April so the first few years are a bit of a blur but I do remember this old brick house with fondness. I remember the spiral staircase. I … [Read more...]


Now that you have the song from Fiddler on the Roof going through your head I will give you a few moments to clear it out……..there….that ought to do it. Let me tell you what has me thinking of traditions today. Every year my family has a week that is designated as Lakeside week. Lakeside on Lake Erie is the home of the East (and West) Ohio Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church. My family has a long history of being a part of the United Methodist Church because both my father and … [Read more...]

My Alma Mater Made the News

Seems there was controversy brewing in New Concord, Ohio around a picture that used to hang in the lobby of John Glenn High School in memory of a beloved teacher who died years ago in front of her classroom of students.  No matter where you weigh in on the place of "religious art" in public places this story touched many alumni and friends of the school. I followed this story and knew that the end was near.  The picture no longer hung in the lobby area but in the administration area where it … [Read more...]

A Day Woven in My Memory

This summer brought many trips and excursions and time with family and friends.  Looking back I realize I have hardly posted anything about much of them at all.  I don't want to bombard your inboxes with blog posts so I have held back.  Today join me as I remember my trip with my pal, Sal, earlier this summer to Columbus, Ohio and for our day exploring all things Longaberger.  It was a great day spent wandering the grounds of the Longaberger Homestead and Dresden. The same store … [Read more...]

A Welcoming Wordless Wednesday

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Teapot Tuesday

My recent trip to Dresden, Ohio --home of all things Longaberger found me looking at teapots and not baskets.  Imagine that!  I have a couple Longaberger teapots on my collection already so I was not really looking for one there but I did find a cute basket themed one in one of the little shops in Dresden.  It was a steal at $7.50 and even if it is not an official Longaberger item it will always remind me of a great trip with a great friend. "There is no trouble so great or grave … [Read more...]

Purrfect Post

My mom and I went on a little trek to see The Feline Historical Museum which is located in Alliance, Ohio.  I am still not quite sure, even after reading all the information, how this happened to become home to all of the wonderful exhibits that we viewed but I was very happy that my mom had spied the article in the local paper that featured it.  I took a bunch of pictures and today's post will be the first of several that will highlight this unique and informative point of interest. Cat … [Read more...]

Basket Case

My good friend, Sally, and I met for a Girl's Trip in Columbus this summer and what a great time we had.  This will be the first of a couple posts highlighting some of the things that we saw when we were there.  One day was devoted to going to Dresden and seeing all things Longaberger.  Now if you don't know what Longaberger is I can fill you in a little bit.  Dave Longaberger founded the company in 1973 based on his family's basketmaking heritage.  The rest is history.  The success of … [Read more...]

Cottages, Splashing, Angels and Squirrels

A few more pictures from Lakeside on Lake Erie.  Today's Wall Street Journal featured an article about Lakeside and the Chautauqua experience. Click here to open a new window with the article.    Quite timely!!!  Click on any picture to start a slideshow!!!! … [Read more...]

Glimpses of Vacation—Brown Family Style

Glimpses from vacation.....Brown family style....... Family time in a well loved place with memories galore---it does not get much better than this.  I am blessed.  Hope your day is, too. … [Read more...]