Back from being A.W.O.L.

Yep—I left for a bit and didn’t tell you guys!!   I had planned to do some posts while I was gone but you know—it just did not happen.  First we took Carlton home.   He was thrilled to get back home to his “Man Cave” and his own routine but he sure had fun with us which makes me know that he can stay with us anytime he wants to!! That is a good thing to know!!!

Then it was off to be a part of a truly special event in the life of our sweet great niece, Harper Adelle, as she was baptized.   It was a truly touching service and we were so grateful to be a part of it.   Christopher and Carla are wonderful parents and Harper is one special lady—-I even loaned her my tiara for a bit….

Then it was off to visit with my mom for a few days—-lots of great talks and plans and things that we had wanted to do were done!   I am so blessed to have her as my mom (and she is one of my most faithful readers and commenters for those of you who haven’t figured that out!).  I am so grateful that we have such a solid relationship.  

Then it was off for a quick morning visit to see my sister and her husband who drove us to the FiestaWare outlet!!!   Thanks to Carl’s muscle I was able to purchase a boatload of seconds to complete my set and yes….there was a teapot involved….

A short drive and I was soon at my brother and sister in law’s house —what a great time I had with them.  I always want to stop and see them but it always seems like they get the short end of the stick so I am trying to be intentional about spending more time there.  My sister in law has to be one of the most gracious hosts—she even got up at 6 to make me breakfast before I hit the road and she is definitely not a morning person so that was a huge thing to me!!!  Once again, I realized what a charmed life I lead.  To be able to spend time with my family and not have “deadlines” of a job to get back to is such a luxury right now.

The long drive home took a toll on my buttocks but I made it in just over 12 hours from their house.  Buddy and Holly were so happy to have me home even though the high school girl we have check on them when we are gone did a fabulous job.  

A day to recharge and clean and settle back in and back to the airport to pick up my sweetie from another China trip.  Delta has a flight tracker app and it is always great to see that plane come over dry land and head to MSP!!!   I kind of crashed last night with him—-I think I had sympathetic jet lag.

The week is filled with things to do but hopefully I will get back into the regular blogging cycle again though I admit—-a rest was needed to recharge.  Sometimes that is needed and for me—time with family was just what I needed to reboot.   As the month draws to a close I am excited to see what the results for Amanda and her efforts to get a tablet for her classroom!  I just hopped over to check out her project and guess what??? She has received a ton of funding already so I made a donation early to complete the project for her!!!!   Way to go!!!!  I am VERY excited!!!!  There will be some extra money most likely from my comments so I am coming up with some ideas for that for her, too!!!  What a way to start the week!!!!  Extreme smiley face!


  1. I noticed your absence and missed your posts. But sometimes it’s OK to take a break. So where did you travel to? And why is Chris often traveling to China? Yes, I am always full of questions. Welcome home. Both of you.

    • Audrey–thanks for missing me!!! 🙂 I had scheduled a few posts while I was gone with full intentions of inspiration striking while I was gone and it obviously did not happen in Ohio!!! 🙂 Chris goes to China for business lately—-when he goes I have to find things to occupy myself with!

  2. Georgiana Hill says:

    You had a good few days. Harper is a darling baby. And now your cupboards are full!
    Thank you for all you have done for Amanda. Such a nice thing to do.

  3. Thanks, Audrey!!! Went to the great state of Ohio where most of my family is! Chris has work business in China so when he is gone sometimes I take advantage of it!!! Just as long as I am at the airports for drop off and pick up! 🙂

  4. Buddy & Holly… 🙂

  5. Welcome back, glad that you had a good time..

  6. Great to have you back, but sometimes a break from blogging is essential to maintaining online sanity. Glad to hear you’ve had some family time while away. Buddy an Holly are DARLING!

    • Thanks, Kathy! I had gotten in a bit of a rut and it was good to step away if only for a few days!!! Buddy and Holly are pretty darn cute, aren’t they?? 🙂 But then I am a little biased.

  7. Helen Brown says:

    I really, really love the picture of Harper! I could not get my camera out fast enough. Also, the picture of Buddy and Holly is my favorite one of your cat pictures. Now slow down for a while and rest. Orders from mother!!

  8. First, I must know where this Fiestaware outlet store is. We use those dishes and love them. Also, thanks for contributing early to my project. I am excited to get my tablet and use it with my students. Perfect timing since school starts this week.

  9. So glad you had a wonderful time and are back home safe and sound. Sometimes we all need a break!!! 🙂

  10. I was in and out last week, only caught a few of your posts on Facebook, and wondered what you were up to! That was quite some trip you made. My nephew loves the Fiesta store. So many pretty colors. Our granddaughter just returned from China today. I was surprised she was able to stay awake as long as she did. That’s a trip that truly messes with one’s schedule!

    • That is so true, Patti!!! Chris did a lot better this time around because he got bumped to first class and was actually able to sleep a bit on the way home!!! The Fiesta store is amazing—-all kinds of bargains and treasures there!

  11. sounds like a great trip… You, your mom & Harper too all look so much alike! missed you!

  12. Fiesta!!!! (giggle) I just commented on your teapot post, too. Looks like being AWOL was very productive. Always nice.

  13. I’m glad you were able to enjoy some time with family, even though it sounded a bit hectic.

    • Oh it is always a lot of driving–no one lives real close to each other but you know what?? I really don’t care because I actually get to see them and not wish that I was getting to see them!!! It is worth it all!

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