Wordless Wednesday

Chris Chiles—what have you gotten me into now????



  1. They can help you find tea shops! I don’t suggest driving into the water though. Do you have an Inspector Gadget car?

  2. we are so spiritually connected. Yesterday I was driving home and when I neared the beach I thought wouldn’t my navigation showing just water be a cool shot… But I didn’t take the picture 😦

    • No way!!!! That is pretty cool. :-). I can’t link up today cause I am traveling and i am too klutzy to do it on my phone but will check yours out later! Hugs!

  3. Looks an adventure.

  4. Do do do do Do do do do…’There’s a signpost up ahead….. and it says…you’ve entered The Twilight Zone’…Do do do do Do do do do..Or you on an invisible bridge…Toto I don’t think we’re in Kansas (ok Iowa) anymore…lol Was your GPS made by Tom Tom the pipers son?

  5. We still use maps and the plat book, my husband’s favorite navigation tool in Minnesota.

  6. An adventure! I can’t wait to here where you end up.
    Is the blue water? perhaps a lakeside picnic? or skinny dip 😉

  7. Did you hit shortcut button? Maybe it was just trying to cut your traveling time down! 😉

  8. This is a story that’s begging to be continued. Want to know what happened next!

  9. I guess you’ve done everything else, diving maybe?

  10. That’s pretty funny. Hope you didn’t end up driving in the water!!! 🙂

  11. Helen Brown says:

    Your TomTom has done well and seems to get you where you want.

  12. Helen Brown says:

    Poor Fuzzy! He looks like he has had a hard life. I have none of my friends from childhood. I had a doll, I do not remember her name but she was very special. Mother made all kinds of clothes for her and I played with her for hours. I gave her and all of her clothes to a younger cousin of mine. Sometimes I wish I had her but still am glad that my cousin could enjoy her.

    • Fuzzy definitely has lost more weight than Wuzzy but they are both kind of decrepit looking!!! And it does not surprise me that you gave your doll away…..not one bit!

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