Fiesta Time –Teapot Tuesday

You caught a glimpse of it yesterday—today here it is in all of its glory!   My new FiestaWare teapot.  Shh….it’s a “second” but it doesn’t know that it is a bit less than perfect!!!




  1. awesome!

  2. I love fiesta ware and always think about buying a set… but I have no more room. A new cupboard first, then some new dishes… maybe. Love this one!!! And the way you displayed it.

    • It is very bulky to store FiestaWare–that is for sure –but I love the look of mixing the colors together. I always used Corelle until we went to Australia and I got rid of it then but since I have had these dishes I have fallen in love with them!

  3. A great spot for it.

  4. That is a cute way to display it! It fits there perfectly.

  5. I love Fiesta ware, just love the bold colors and the simplicity of it. And that new teapot is beautiful in all its imperfection, wherever that may be.

  6. Georgiana Hill says:

    A nice way to highlight the newest acquisition.

  7. Perfectly perched!

  8. Helen Brown says:

    Your teapot looks especailly nice where you have it. I need you to tellme how to make my little villa look better. Any sugestions? I need some changes, I do know that.

  9. How creative you are… I love the setting that you have chosen for it..It’s perfect for the color and the size..What talent!!!

  10. Becky Miracle says:

    I LOVE this one too…even if it isn’t red! LOL The style is just so perfect. Enjoy!

  11. What a lovely display!

  12. Fiesta!!! *swoon*

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