The Cat is In the Bag




  1. chuckles… oh buddy….

  2. Those handles are dangerous–must watch them closely so they don’t get their neck caught. Also plastic bags are dangerous if they somehow get caught inside, could suffocate. My cat , Manny Boy, likes to chew on them.

    • Obviously I would not let my kitties be around anything dangerous—-I had just gotten home from Hobby Lobby and unloaded the bag and he decided to hop in. I snapped the pics and took the bag away. Holly loves plastic so I have to make sure all bags and plastic is up and away from her especially.

  3. If only we could all have as much fun with a plastic bag! or paper. when I had a roomate with cats, she put a piece of paper on the floor and her 2 cats would fight to see who got to lay on it. hilarious. Zoo Zoo said “silly kitty”.. LOL

  4. Not being a cat owner, I would not expect this fascination with paper and/or plastic bags. Good thing you are ever vigilant. Good entertainment when you’re there as the safety net.

    • Always vigilant with my kitties–especially after a $1000 surgery for Buddy when he was 5 months old for a swallowed string………still no clue where he got it!

  5. Cute, cute, cute. I bet this was fun to watch, too.

  6. letterfrombritain says:

    What is it about plastic bags that charms our cats? Mine used to love them. I would hear her roughing them up in the hallway while I was working.

    • You’ve got me!!! I have no clue!!! I guess the crinkling or something??? My one is obsessed with anything plastic and finds the smallest pieces and has been known to dig in the trash…..and then later barfs it up. Go figure! Why eat something that is going to make you sick??

  7. This made me chuckle. Our Finn loves hopping into bags too especially the noisy plastic ones. 🙂

  8. Soooo cute! 😀

  9. Haahaaha, you must have loved the e-mail I sent you How did they do that, and how do we get them out? lol

  10. That is too cute. Thanks for putting a smile on this girl’s face.

  11. Georgiana Hill says:

    Curiosity killed a cat, they say. You can see how that could be, they have to check out everything. Good thing someone is paying attention.

  12. Lol, my mom’s dog has to stick his head in every plastic bag that comes in to see what is in it. This reminds me of that.

    • It is almost like they expect to find a treat for them in there or something—it always makes me laugh. Except when Holly barfs it up later……sigh.

  13. Helen Brown says:

    Cats do like to get into boxes, bags and anything else they can crowl into. Remember our kittie got into the wastpaper basket to have her babies?

  14. Smells like craft stuff, meow! Smart kitty!

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