Teapot Tuesday SOS Vintage Style

I walked into SOS Vintage in Webster City on Saturday and fell in love.  Seriously.  I fell in love.  As I chowed down on a lovely blueberry scone I spied it----THE teapot. Nestled amongst the vintage items I found the cutest teapot ever.  Oh there were lots of teapots sprinkled around the store owned and managed by Denise Smith but it was this lovely green one that begged to come home with me. SOS Vintage was our first stop on our Webster City tour that was sponsored by the Webster City … [Read more...]

It’s Snowing on Teapot Tuesday

It appears that winter might have arrived ahead of schedule this year with the cold temperatures and the remaining snow piles that will undoubtedly be replenished before the end of the year.  With that being said I don't actually hate winter.  I just wish that when the snow and ice fell it would avoid the sidewalks, driveways and roads.  Is that too much to ask?  I don't think so. Today's teapot was an eBay find from the woman who was selling her mother's massive teapot collection.  Yes---it … [Read more...]

A Teapot from Portugal and More–Teapot Tuesday

Our oldest son, Micah, is a traveler.  He has a bit of the wanderlust in him and it makes me know that he is truly our son because he is always up for new experiences.  Earlier this year he took a massive trip which included a trip to Portugal.  I reaped the benefits of that trip because he found me a perfect teapot. Isn't it adorable? The cork is what sets it apart from any other teapot that I have. It came with a couple of little cups and when I did an online search I found out that this … [Read more...]

Living Large on Teapot Tuesday

Sometimes you see something that you HAVE to have.  Case in point this past weekend when my Mooresville friends, Judy and Ann and I explored the Main Street Antique and Design Gallery that resides in the old Burlington Mill facility in the downtown area of the town in North Carolina that I love to return to.  The warehouse is huge and filled with vendors who  have booths that seek antiques as well as new merchandise, handmade items and all kinds of vintage and unique and yes--sometimes quirky … [Read more...]

Nature Loving Teapot on Teapot Tuesday

This sweet teapot was a gem I picked up while I was in Faribault, MN celebrating Audrey's birthday (from Minnesota Prairie Roots).  This one was at a lovely shop called The Nook and Cranny and it was one of a whole plethora that caught my eye but this one made its way home with me.   If you are even in the area you definitely need to check this gem of a shop out because they are loaded with antiques and gifts galore that just may need to make a trip home in your car. You have a … [Read more...]

A Chilly Reception on Teapot Tuesday

I am always on the lookout for different takes on the basic teapot and I found this little (and I do mean little) gem and had to make room in my collection for it.  It was a bargain price and it spoke volumes in character even if it is not a practical teapot for everyday use.  Not all of them have to be functional, right? Just look at the "coils" on the back of the fridge! Eggs and condiments in the door! Looks to me like it is fully stocked and ready for company! But perhaps it is … [Read more...]

Totally Travel—Teapot Tuesday

You know that I love to travel if you have read any  posts of mine at all here on It's Just Life.  You can imagine that this little teapot caught my eye on eBay because it embraces the love of both travel and teapots all in one beautiful package. Did you notice that adorable textile in the background?  Another eBay find with all four corners featuring a different "scene". This one is my favorite as you can imagine.  How cute are the little creamer and sugar container? So I says "My dear … [Read more...]

Beautiful and Delicate—It’s Teapot Tuesday

Fall is quickly coming and it makes me want to curl up with a good book and a cup of tea.  This lovely china teapot features a lovely bird scene and the delicate teacups carry the theme out.  What a wonderful set to serve a favorite brew to a friend on a chilly day. This was another Marshall's find--you know I love that store and they have some great buys on lovely teapots! Did you notice those tea packages?  Of course I found a tea shop when I was in Fort Worth last weekend.  The Spice … [Read more...]

Roaring Good Teapot Tuesday

How fun is this guy?  I found him in an antique / thrift store in Faribault when I went to visit my friend, Audrey, who writes at Minnesota Prairie Roots. She will have to leave the name of the shop in the comment section since I am forgetting what the name was and don't have my folder with me that has it written down. (Thanks, Audrey). I just love the detail on his face and the way his head pops right off to fill!  I have not tried to make a pot in him but I suspect he will not pour well … [Read more...]

Teapot Tuesday—Brown with a Case of Splotches

Thrift shops are often a great place to shop for a variety of bargains. I have to admit I have purchased my fair share of teapots in thrift shops and found some fabulous finds.  The teapot featured today came from Affordables here in Mason City.  You might remember that NIVC was one of my Comments for a Cause recipients not too many months ago and they run two Affordables stores here in Mason City.  I am always pleasantly surprised when I find a great buy and can help places like this all in the … [Read more...]