Teapot Tuesday—Tea at the Fairmont Empress

My fabulous husband made sure that my anniversary trip was special in every way.  He took the planning very seriously and did all within his power to ensure that I had the best possible time and he was quite successful.  One of the very best things that he did was make a reservation for afternoon tea at the Fairmont Empress in Victoria, British Columbia.  It was fabulous.  I oohed and ahhed.  I took it all in and loved the entire experience. After we had our wonderful "tea party" we had to go … [Read more...]

Andy Winds Down His Iowa (and more) Adventure

It is time to send Andy on his way.  I must admit I have hung on to him a tad bit longer than I probably should have but hey----we had a lot to do and see!!!  Andy is going to be heading out to British Columbia next and will be staying with Darlene who writes over at Darlene Foster's Blog.  You will definitely want to check it out.  Don't forget Andy's mama---Lenore --over at Lenore's Thoughts Exactly---she is the one who started this, after all!!!  We had a good time with Andy and will be sad … [Read more...]

To B & B or Not to B & B

Chris and I just got back from the adventure to end all adventures.  We did it all.  We used all modes of transportation.  We came, we saw and we conquered, so to speak.  While we were at it we stayed in some pretty incredible places.  Today I thought I would highlight a few of those places that we really loved and pass on some love to these folks who made our stays so wonderful! Many times when we travel we stay in hotels.  Sometimes when we do a week or more we stay at VRBO's (Vacation … [Read more...]

How Much Love Can A Heart Hold?

When I was younger I thought that I was so smart.  I thought I knew all that there was to know about love.  As a teenager I had my share of loves.  Some were wonderful experiences and some not so wonderful but I made it through them and came  out relatively okay.  I always thought that I was a loving person.  I had examples of love all around me.  I grew up in a very loving family.  I had solid relationships with my siblings and my parents.  There was respect and a lot more love than you can … [Read more...]

Long Marriage: Couples Married More Than 30 Years (PHOTOS)

Yep---we are in here!!! We made Huffington Post!!!!! Take that, Freshly Pressed!!!!! Slides 29 and 30----check us out!!!!! Long Marriage: Couples Married More Than 30 Years (PHOTOS). … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday

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Teapot Tuesday

This cute little teapot for one comes with its own cup for sipping!!! Convenient and adorable!   … [Read more...]

There Is Beauty All Around Us!

Some pictures of our June vacation time in Lakeside, Ohio on Lake Erie.  Heaven on earth! … [Read more...]

Back in the USA!

If you have seen my blog for the past almost 3 weeks you have noticed that I have been on vacation.  Yep---it was the vacation to beat all vacations.  An anniversary trip of grand proportions thanks to my wonderful and fabulous husband.   I had scheduled posts up through this week in anticipation of not being able to post while we were gone and I am glad that I did.  I will start posting some snappies and thoughts about our latest trip later on this week after all my scheduled posts have been … [Read more...]

Andy Winds Down His Overseas Adventure

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