From Food to Mustaches—Comments for a Cause Marches On

Yippee Skippee!  It's the 1st!  The day every month that I look forward to with the most excitement and anticipation on It's Just Life because it is all about the Comments for a Cause.  You know you want to jump up and down with me so go ahead----take a hop and know that I am hopping up and down with you. October was a fabulous month and it allowed me the opportunity to make a new friend, Ozzie, and find a new place to direct our donation love for the month.  I was thrilled to see all that our … [Read more...]

Back from being A.W.O.L.

Yep---I left for a bit and didn't tell you guys!!   I had planned to do some posts while I was gone but you know---it just did not happen.  First we took Carlton home.   He was thrilled to get back home to his "Man Cave" and his own routine but he sure had fun with us which makes me know that he can stay with us anytime he wants to!! That is a good thing to know!!! Then it was off to be a part of a truly special event in the life of our sweet great niece, Harper Adelle, as she was baptized. … [Read more...]

Comments for a Cause…..Food and More Food!

So excited for this month's reveal for Comments for a Cause!!!  I had a great month for comments and met a lot of great folks associated with West Ohio Food Bank.  There are so many folks that are associated with them --either as employees or volunteers---and it was wonderful to be a small part of their world for a month!!!  During December I received 258 comments so I am donating $129 to West Ohio Food Bank. I decided as I wrote this to bump it up to $150 just because! They do a great job and … [Read more...]

World Poopin’ Day–March 13th–Making the World a Better Place One Movement at a Time

You read correctly!  In an effort to always try to be in the forefront of news I am bringing to you the fact that today is World Poopin' Day!  Thanks to a tweet by I found this out this morning after my last post about my Delta experience.  There is no law that says I can only have one post per day, is there?  This makes up for the days when I did not post something of significance!!! So what is World Poopin' Day?  According to the website : Poop is taboo let's change that … [Read more...]