The Simplest of Projects

You know EXACTLY what I mean.  That project that starts out to be an easy thing and suddenly morphs into a major renovation or time sync.  I know you know what I mean. We have all been there.  One small little thing turns into a huge undertaking.  My story is not unlike yours.

It all started with this.

P1140645It was clearly time to replace the water filter on the refrigerator.   Being ever prepared thanks to Amazon Subscribe and Save I had the filter tucked away for just this occasion.  P1140646

Of course it entailed some contortions that will not be documented by either photograph or written words here but as I removed the front grill on the refrigerator I realized that this was going to be one of those projects that snowballed.

First of all I need to scrub the grill that covered the bottom part where the secret water filter resides.

P1140647It really was not that dirty—I try to keep up with the cleaning so thankfully it was not too disgusting .   As I maneuvered on the floor to release the old filter and pop the new one in (and no–it is NEVER quite that easy) I looked underneath.  Ugh.  One of the joys of owning two delightful felines is that they shed.  Oh boy do they shed.  The inside of the underside was filthy.  Too filthy to take a picture of.  Not the floor, really, but the coils.

So a trip to get the vacuum out and suck out all of the offending dust and fur was in order.  Yes—the project was getting larger.   My motto is “if you are going to do a job at least do it right” so I vacuumed and vacuumed. Added attachments onto the trusty Bissell to get the gunk off and out.   As I thought about it I decided that I really should pull the fridge out from the wall and do the backside.  After all—if I could see all that dust collecting underneath it goes to reason that the back would be the same.  So pull it out I did.

P1140744You guessed it—the back is entirely enclosed. I guess they do that these days and I just never paid attention.  Now before you go thinking I am SuperWoman my fridge is on wheels so pulling it in and tucking it back into the little space is pretty easy peasy.  The project took a bit longer than I had initially thought it would but the up side is that the filter is in place and all is right in the world.

P1140649While I was at it I thought a great idea would be to find out what you guys have ON the front of your refrigerators.   It is always interesting to me to see what other folks highlight on their appliances.  Here is my photo of what graces the face of my very own refrigerator.

P1140742A picture of my World Vision sponsored child, Martin,  a business card for my blog, a pic of my sister, my mom and myself, a Lakeside magnet, a nametag for Micah from a Columbia orientation that I snagged when we helped pack him up, 2 floral cards from Mother’s Day arrangements from Micah and Aaron, a family pic from our June Lakeside trip, pic of Chris and I at Christmas, assorted vinyl items from my Cricut, a postcard from my niece and her husband from El Salvadore and our Christmas card from last year.   And smiley faced magnets.  My fridge tells my story—what does yours tell???  I would love to hear and see.

After all—It’s Just Life—let me know what yours is all about.








  1. Our refrigerator is covered with pet related stuff–magnets from the Humane Society and certificates of bravery from the vet, one for each of our pets.

  2. Amy Prentice says:

    Beth Ann….seems like every project we start up here ends up having a domino effect! However, we just about have all four rooms completed in remodeling phase I….I have always had my fridge covered with magnets of all the places we have been to or cute quotes… our family pics and pet pics and also my kids accomplishments! When we finished the kitchen recently, I took everything off and now it is just a stainless steel side by side..plain! The good news…..I decided to put all my goodies on the upright freezer in my new pantry room! hahaha I can’t let my magnets and pics stay in a box:)

    • I love it!!! I usually try to keep my fridge front clean and if I had a nice shiny stainless steel side by side like yours I would definitely go for the clean look. Glad you have a “spare” where you can keep the magnets and pics! I love that you guys have worked so hard on your place and that you are seeing the end in sight! Good for you!! And Dave! 🙂

  3. It’s more about what’s on three sides of my fridge. Ready?

    Front: two newspaper clippings, one about road construction in Faribault and the other about a musical event I want to attend at The Paradise Center for the Arts in town. A list of clothes my son needs before leaving for college in Boston. A note detailing the chiropractor’s diagnosis of my husband’s back issues. A coupon for JC Penneys. And two photos, our family Christmas photo (same design as yours) and a photo of my sister and her husband with their new kitten.

    Right side: Most of the Christmas card photos we received. Yes, it’s plastered.

    Left side: A misc., collection of info about upcoming events, parties, activities, etc.

    How’s that?

    Quite interesting to see what you showcase on the front of yours.

    • I love what you have “plastered” on yours. Mine used to be quite a showcase when the boys were young but I guess I have morphed into a bit of a cleaner look these days. But you have 3 sides to showcase so you definitely need to use all space available to you. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  4. Refrigerator door? What refrigerator door? Mine is completely covered with my little one’s school art and magnets. 😉

  5. I have pictures of my family and notes my daughter hides before she leaves my house to go home.

  6. What a great idea for a post – I’ll have to do one about what’s on the front of my fridge!

  7. Kind of like give a mouse a cookie–or let a kid buy a bug and all of a sudden you are talking engine swaps. I get it. My fridge….a picture of Dearly departed Joe, and a white board. My fridge is a nothing mucher, I guess.

    • I like your fridge! Clean and simplistic is a good look. And trust me—-I think you are probably the queen of projects that go massive quickly. I can just see you schlepping VW parts here and there!

  8. I know all about those projects. It always seems a good idea at the time and hours later you wonder why you even started. My fridge has pictures of grandchildren, positive affirmations, quotes and lists. It is not as neat and tidy as yours.

    • I know everyone has had those projects but I guess it is good that we have them every now and then, right? Your fridge sounds lovely—-just the right things grace the front of it . And mine actually has more on it than it usually does. I like it neat and tidy. 🙂

  9. I’m glad your attachments fit under your fridge to clean the coils. Ours won’t reach all the way as they are too large in diameter to fit through the opening. On the front of mine: A magazine page ad for a local wildlife refuge I’d like to visit, family photo, prayer reminder for a mission, comic of squirrel dressed like a bird holding a sign that says, “Feed the Birds,” an Amsler grid eye chart, a few decorative/souvenir magnets.

    • Well that is a bummer that the space under yours is too small. That is frustrating! Great items on your fridge—isn’t it fun to find out what everyone has on theirs?

  10. That’s why I try to avoid starting these projects. And so jealous of your fridge. First it’s massive. They are so small in the UK. Second, ice and water dispensers. Wow!

    • Haha—yep—my fridge is massive compared to the ones in the UK I am sure. I know the same was true in Australia–a full sized fridge there was ridiculously small. Oh the things I take for granted now. 🙂


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