Regrets? I’ve Had Very Few.

Regrets?  I am very happy to say that I have had very few.  I attempt to live my life daily by taking full advantage of what each day has to offer.  Oh I am far from perfect, let me just set you straight on that---but I have discovered that I live a fuller and better life if I live without regrets. That is one reason why I continue to place a high value on friendships (both real and imaginary) that come my way.  I strive to be a good friend and stay in touch with those who are no longer close to … [Read more...]

Who I Am

Blogging is a wonderful and mysterious thing.  I have stumbled upon a great blog where they offer up writing prompts every week (found it through my fabulous bloggy friend, Bernie over at One Mixed Bag).  I am just getting this one in under the wire of the cut off but if you are interested in reading more head on over to The Lightning and The Lightning -Bug to join in the fun.   This week's prompt that I am just barely getting to is as follows: We want you to share a post that essentially … [Read more...]