Things You HAVE to Have –SkyMall Strikes Again

I love to look at the SkyMall magazine in the seat back pocket when I fly.  It never ceases to amaze me what crazy bizarre  unique things are offered on those pages.  If you haven't flown for awhile or don't have any trips lined up in the near future--no worries. They are online here. I have done various posts on some of the great things you can find in this magazine.  I even gained a new follower because I tagged a business who had their product featured and while it was not something that … [Read more...]

It’s Been Awhile–Chrisisms Return

Now and then  on It's Just Life I share some of the quirky and lovable things that my dear husband aka Mr. Diamond shares with me.  He reminded me the other day that we have known each other 2/3rd's of our lives now.  We met each other when we were 18 so you can do the math. When I think of how our lives together have kind of meshed over the years I just shake my head because we fit like two peas in a pod, go together like cookies and milk and complement each other like two coordinating … [Read more...]

A New Use for the Loo

Awhile ago when Chris and I were on a little vacation in Southport, NC we ate at a cute little restaurant on the water.  I excused myself before the food arrived to go avail myself of the facilities.  I was trying to pre-empt my brother in law Carlton's theory of "food in--food out".  But that is a story for another day. I found my way through the restaurant to the restroom and stepped inside a stall.  It was a smallish bathroom with only 2 stalls and as I was in my private space a woman and … [Read more...]

A Word From Our Sponsor

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Non Wordless Wednesday

From our "disclosure" real estate form.  Is it just me or are 5 and 6  fun questions?   I sooooo wanted to be a smarty pants when ticking the boxes which is why I let Chris have that job.  :-) Happy Hump Day to one and all!   … [Read more...]

Semi Wordless Wednesday

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Wordless Wednesday

"Peeking" Duck … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday

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My Teenaged Door

Do you remember me talking about my teenaged door?  Let me refresh your memory (or you can click here for a past post about it).  Our front door had acne and a bad case of it at that.  We assume that the previous owners had painted the front door in order to hide the fading wood when they put the house on the market.  But the problem came with what we suspect is the incorrect type of paint that was used at one time on it. When we repainted it awhile back the paint went on fine but then the … [Read more...]

If I Ran The Zoo….

One of my favorite Dr. Seuss books is entitled "If I Ran the Zoo".  In the book the story goes something like this.   Young Gerald McGrew visits a zoo and while he is there he finds that the animals that are living there are just not quite exotic enough.  He thinks that "if he ran the zoo" he would do it a bit differently and have animals that were indeed rare even if they were imaginary. As the book goes on, in true Dr. Seuss style, the animals that young McGrew envisions get crazier and … [Read more...]