My 2 Week Recap

It has been a wild 2 weeks.  I woke up in my own bed, with my own husband (good thing, huh?) Drinking my favorite coffee.  Cuddling with my favorite cats.  Life is good! I LOVE my life.  Can I just say that again?  I LOVE MY LIFE!   The past two weeks I have stayed in 5 different places and even though that makes it a challenge for packing I did really well this time packing exactly the right stuff and came home with only a couple things that I did not use.  WIN! So what did I do the past … [Read more...]

Baby Planes and UHauls—We Got It Done!

Chris and I know how to have adventures.  No doubt about it!  My first leg of the latest adventure started out here. From there (Mason City, Iowa) I went to Minneapolis and then on to Dayton, Ohio where I awaited the arrival of my dearly beloved later on in the evening.  A quick cab ride and we picked up this. A 20 footer to fill with treasures from our storage unit that we have had since April in Lima, Ohio ---filled with wonderful treasures from Chris's dad's house.  A quick trip … [Read more...]