Things I Have Learned as a Mom

Things I Have Learned as a Mom You can never give or receive too many hugs. Never. Fun bandaids make almost anything feel better. Kids say the cutest things and it is important to write those down immediately. Baby books don't write themselves. I speak from experience about this one. Choose your battles---some things just aren't important to fight about. It's true--time passes very quickly. It is important to be there--no matter what ---even at 2 a.m. when the teenager finally … [Read more...]

Four Years in the Making

We have good intentions, my husband and I.  We often think that we have things all figured out when in reality we have nothing figured out at all. Four years ago found us moving back to our Iowa home from North Queensland, Australia after Chris spent about a year there overseeing the operations of 7 sugar mills.  We had a container coming back and while we had acquired some furniture when we were there we decided to splurge on an outdoor table set to bring back to the US.  We had a container, … [Read more...]

What Every Mother Desires

Chris and I have a tradition on Mother's Day.  The boys used to be a part of it although Aaron says he has no memory of this being our tradition so I guess it wasn't a very good one!!!  Church followed by a picnic which usually involved a drive through at Kentucky Fried Chicken.  Maybe not that healthy but it was what I always wanted to do. By Mother's Day you could usually count on the weather being fairly decent in whatever state we were in so it was a win win.   Add to it the gift of flowers … [Read more...]

Happy Mother’s Day!

Memories abound Of happy childhood moments Thank you to my mom! … [Read more...]

Happy Mother’s Day, Ya”ll!

Just can't say enough about my own mom. Today is the day we all start to think about our mothers and the role they have played in our lives. I have been blessed. I know that not everyone can say that they have had a good relationship with their mom but I always have. Well... other than a few years in teenagedom when there was a lot of eye rolling on my part and I thought she knew absolutely nothing!!! Thank goodness I came to my senses. One of my new bloggy friends is quite talented and I … [Read more...]