Blessings in the Ordinary

Today when I went out into the garage to get ready to do a bit of snow shoveling I tried to put my gloves onto my feet.  Oh I already had socks on and what I really was supposed to do was put my feet into my awaiting boots but something clicked in my brain, or rather, clicked off in my brain and I reached for the gloves I was carrying out and before I knew it I was bending down to put them on my feet.  One might start to wonder about me.  I know I am. But as usual, it got me to thinking. … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday

The recent snowfall left us with an interesting snow sculpture on our roof. … [Read more...]

Flying, Friends, Frigid, Family Friday!!!!

It's been a great week at It's Just Life!  I hope that I did not shock some of you with my Woodiees post yesterday but it was just too good to not write about!  We are enjoying the last few days of warmer weather before fall sets in--the leaves are almost all blown off the trees and the air is definitely getting cooler.  It is finally Friday and even though I am no longer punching the old time clock I look forward to Fridays as if I were!  The weekend is still something to definitely look … [Read more...]

This Is How WE Deal With Snow….

We LAUGH at snow in Iowa....   Yep--that says The Big Push   Iowa has it covered......still snowing and no signs of stopping!  Happy Winter! … [Read more...]

Snow, Countdown and Talking Nativity

The time to Christmas is winding down.....I think I am ready! The hardest thing will be packing for the trip but hey--I am a packing professional by now so I ought to be able to get that done without too much stress. The snow here has slowed things down a bit but I have managed to get the cookies made, the cards / letters written and sent, the presents wrapped and shipped with enough time left over to enjoy the husband's birthday and Christmas! Yea for me!!! Not working is definitely a plus … [Read more...]