And What Did YOU Find When You Came Home From Vacation?

It started out fabulously and ended fabulously.  Our Thanksgiving vacation get away was a huge success from start to finish and I am now trying to catch up and get back into the groove of life which is proving to be more difficult than imagined.  Why is that?? Is it because things take more time the older I get?  Is it because I get myself all hyped up before hand and then have to come crashing back down to earth when it is over?  Maybe a little of both. We started out our adventure with two … [Read more...]

Doe Re Mi

We have a sweet doe who is a frequent visitor to our backyard.  She is almost always by herself even though there is a herd of 8 or so that roam through our neighborhood at various times.  She has a bum leg.  It makes me sad.  I think the other deer make fun of her and don't let her play in their (rein)deer games.   So I can not get too upset when she comes to eat out of my birdfeeders.  This particular evening she actually let me get fairly close to her as I went out and sat on the deck … [Read more...]

Scenic Saturday

Just a few pics from around the house this week!!!!  Enjoy!!! … [Read more...]

Birds, Boats and Barf?

                              The internet is not cooperating with me here at the Wilmington Oasis so my pictures are not in the normal slide show view nor are they spaced out right.  Sorry about that!!! Gonna switch to My Wi pretty soon because the spinning wheel of death is killing me here!!!   Anyway, you get … [Read more...]