And What Did YOU Find When You Came Home From Vacation?

It started out fabulously and ended fabulously.  Our Thanksgiving vacation get away was a huge success from start to finish and I am now trying to catch up and get back into the groove of life which is proving to be more difficult than imagined.  Why is that?? Is it because things take more time the older I get?  Is it because I get myself all hyped up before hand and then have to come crashing back down to earth when it is over?  Maybe a little of both. We started out our adventure with two … [Read more...]

Beach Time

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A Lot of Words—A Lot of Free Speech Flowing

When we were recently in Port Townsend, WA there was a guy with whiteboards set up in town.  Now these were not ordinary white boards. They were filled with words he had written.  He claims he has the largest free speech display around.   I was intrigued.  I read and snapped pictures.  I asked him his name which I promptly forgot since I did not write it down immediately. I googled it and found out he has a website (surprise,surprise) and you can order things (bigger surprise).  His name is … [Read more...]

Back to (My Altered) Reality

I would have to say this has been a very bizarre and busy month.  My life of late has been fairly routine and predictable.  Then summer hit and it has been basically non stop travel and weirdness.  Not all weirdness is bad, trust me.  I like the unpredictable at times and I like new things and adventures.  It broadens me (as if I needed broadened anymore after all the fabulous food I have had on vacations as of late). Two weeks ago is kind of a blur.  Return from China had me a bit out of … [Read more...]

Back in the USA!

If you have seen my blog for the past almost 3 weeks you have noticed that I have been on vacation.  Yep---it was the vacation to beat all vacations.  An anniversary trip of grand proportions thanks to my wonderful and fabulous husband.   I had scheduled posts up through this week in anticipation of not being able to post while we were gone and I am glad that I did.  I will start posting some snappies and thoughts about our latest trip later on this week after all my scheduled posts have been … [Read more...]

Andy Winds Down His Overseas Adventure

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Andy Continues to SightSee

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Undocumented Armadillo = Sad Face

Yes, it is true.  If you have seen my earlier post this week you know about the much anticipated arrival of Andy the Armadillo.  Andy came to me from Patti in Virginia but I think his roots and ancestry may be more from the Georgia area.  His mama, Lenore, blogs over here at Lenore's Thoughts Exactly and she was gracious enough to share him with me.  He has already proved to be a wonderful house guest and has settled right in with us. Chris and I have been preparing for our anniversary … [Read more...]

A Boy and His Dog

There are few things in life more precious than seeing a boy who truly loves his dog.  This past week my mom and sister and I were witness to the greatest love I have seen for awhile of that.   We were sitting on a bench by Lake Erie when this young man, probably about 10 0r so, came down with his dog.  To get to the water you have to climb the jagged rocks and they picked their way to the water slowly.  He was trying to coax her into the water and she was a bit timid about it.  Then he made the … [Read more...]

I May Need a Body Guard

I didn't want much. Or at least I thought I didn't want much.  In preparation for an upcoming family foray to the Bahamas I recently visited my local Huntington bank branch to secure some foreign currency for said trip.  I just always like to have a little money from  the country I am visiting for tips and coffee stops and whatnot.  Call me prepared.  But I like to be ready.   I know we can use credit cards.  I know that they will take US currency.  But there is something about the whole … [Read more...]