Wordless Wednesday

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Picture Perfect Part 2

On our early morning beach walk this morning I took these shots.  Can never take too many beach and bird pictures in  my humble opinion.  Enjoy your day! … [Read more...]

Andy Continues to SightSee

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I’m So Vain

I never thought I was vain.  I really didn't.  But I am sad to report that I am among the worst offenders when it comes to being overly concerned about my appearance.   It is weird.   I have tried to find the perfect haircut over the years that lends itself to always looking right with a minimum amount of fuss. Let's do a quick tour of the Looks of Beth Ann. Baby Beth Ann  During grade school aka The Very Awkward Years I sported several different styles ranging from long and stringy to … [Read more...]

Silent Sunday

Blog hop today ---from For the Love of Blogs.  Join in!   … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday Strikes Again

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Birds, Boats and Barf?

                              The internet is not cooperating with me here at the Wilmington Oasis so my pictures are not in the normal slide show view nor are they spaced out right.  Sorry about that!!! Gonna switch to My Wi pretty soon because the spinning wheel of death is killing me here!!!   Anyway, you get … [Read more...]

I Give Up!

That's it.....I give up..... Just what do I give up on? Simple....getting a good picture of myself!!! I was messing around yesterday---too much time on my hands I suppose, and thought it would be nice to update my picture on the blog and on Facebook. Since I had just been to the hairstylist and felt like the color was fresh, the cut was spot on, the style was attractive I should take advantage of that good hair day. Well it is harder than it seems to get a good self … [Read more...]

Just Another Day in Paradise!

I know, I know---I am stealing someone else's line but that is how I feel. I love Lakeside, Ohio. I have so many fabulous memories of times here. I have been coming here since I was 2 months old every year. For those of you who do not know what Lakeside is exactly let me try to explain it to you! Lakeside is the site of the United Methodist Church's West and East Ohio Annual Conferences. Growing up as a PK (preacher's kid) had its moments and some of the best ones were times spent at … [Read more...]

Moving on Out!

So the big news in Mason City yesterday was a house that was being moved from a new location. If I have it correct it was a house that was on a spot where the hospital is going to expand so they had offered a bunch for sale for $1 plus the cost of moving it to your own lot. The nice associate at Staples (I was there YET again!) told me about it so I decided to go check it out. It was pretty amazing to see this huge house coming down the road with electric crews and about a billion chain … [Read more...]