Scenic Saturday

Just a few pics from around the house this week!!!!  Enjoy!!!

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  1. Good Saturday morning to you, Beth Ann. These pictures are wonderful. I really like the shots of Buddy watching the squirrel. I also enjoyed seeing the creative things you make with your tea cups and tea pots. Have a wonderful weekend.

    • Thank you!!! The cats were having quite a time watching that fatty squirrel yesterday, that is for sure!!! And my tea theme kind of goes everywhere, doesn’t it??? Happy weekend to you!

  2. I’m amazed and delighted by all your visitors. Everything is so, so pretty. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Lovely pics, I can see you put a lot of “doe” into your yard.. This would have been a great “Wordless Wednesday” posting.. Oh, yeah save me a seat in the shade.. And a Bud Light if you don’t mind..

    • I will save you a seat on the deck on the loveseat! It is all shady right now—I don’t have a Bud Light so BYO! Next project is to reinstall the Mother of All Birdfeeders that suffered a stability issue…..I think we have it licked now.

  4. Michele says:

    I love the tea pot and tea cups in the garden, do the birds come and drink out of the cups? I think I am going to try this in my own yard, its just too cute not to. 🙂 Thanks for sharing, hope you are having a great weekend.

    • I have not actually witnessed any birds doing any actual drinking from them but they are cute, aren’t they??? You could put birdseed in them, too.

  5. Becky Miracle says:

    Loved the pictures. You sure do have a variety of critters. I loved the teapots…so very cute and so appropriate for you and the deck looks so comfy and inviting. Thanks for sharing a peek.

  6. Helen Brown says:

    I enjoyed seeing what your house looks like. I wish mine looked even 1/4th that good!!1

  7. You blessed our Saturday with your pictures. Thank you. I’m a new blogger and your blog is an inspiration to me. I’ve been very quiet so far, but today I couldn’t resist to leave you a comment to say thanks!

    • Delma–thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment!!! That makes me very happy! Have fun with the blogging—I am hopping over to check out yours right now!! I have found a great bunch of people and friendships that will be long lasting!!! Beth Ann

  8. pattisj says:

    I see your “deer” friend stopped by the garden for a cup of tea. 🙂 Love your pretty birdbath, and the succulents. The flowers all look happy and well cared for.

  9. Sue Cowan says:

    I loved looking at your pictures. Your yard and patio are beautiful and inviting.

    • Sue, Thanks so much for the comment! We don’t have a very great yard for lots of things since we have fairly close neighbors but we are trying to create some barriers and interesting beds to kind of separate and add interest. I am pretty happy with the what we have done–the deck upgrade last fall was the best thing we have done! I love sitting out there!!! Thanks again for stoppping by!

  10. LOVE your tea-oriented garden ornaments! They are just too cute! Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend, my friend.

    • It kind of goes with me, doesn’t it??? 🙂 And I watched a tid bit of the Queen’s Jubilee today and had some tea while I watched so I am in the mood! Hope your weekend has been fabulous!!!

  11. I don’t know, putting that bird feeder/squirrel attraction right outside the window might classify as torture for the cat. Thanks for sharing your photos. I guess you get your share of wildlife there too. Your deck looks so inviting. I bet you use it a lot. And your vertical planter is working out spectacularly. Your tea-cups are too cute. Did somebody make them for you?

    Is that catmint? I used to have that and I loved it. I don’t have any here.

    I enjoyed your photos. Thanks.

    • I know it might be a little bit cruel but they LOVE to sit there and watch all the birds and squirrels and people walking by on the sidewalk. It keeps them entertained! I actually bought the teacups from an Etsy shop a couple years ago—though after buying them I figured I could do the same thing on my own!!! 🙂

  12. Enjoyed reading through your blog and love the teapot pictures! I collect teacups. I know Lew Thorne and think your support of him this month is fantastic! Hope you get lots of comments. Our family thinks the world of his family! Wishing them the best on their trip.

    • Laurie, Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment! Plus you are a fellow teacup lover!! That makes it even better! I am meeting so many great people because of the Thornes!!! Let’s just say I am excited about that ! Thanks again!

  13. Vita Tredoux says:

    My intro to ‘blogging’, what fun! And what better way to begin than in support of a good cause. My link to Llew, Amy and Angi is through my delightful girl friend of so many years, Diana. I trust that this journey will be enriching, and that the experience will become the wind beneath the girls’ wings. Much love, and thanks to you, Beth, for your support. Vita (from way down South!) xxx

    • Vita, Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and comment! I am absolutely loving meeting all of the friends of the Thornes and know that they are indeed, wonderful people. No wonder our son likes Lew so much! We have been blessed by having great friends in our lives so I understand the friendship that you and Diana have. Thank you again for stopping by. Please feel free to come back anytime. I post 5 to 6 times a week and always have something to say even if it is not earth shattering!!! 🙂

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