And What Did YOU Find When You Came Home From Vacation?

It started out fabulously and ended fabulously.  Our Thanksgiving vacation get away was a huge success from start to finish and I am now trying to catch up and get back into the groove of life which is proving to be more difficult than imagined.  Why is that?? Is it because things take more time the older I get?  Is it because I get myself all hyped up before hand and then have to come crashing back down to earth when it is over?  Maybe a little of both.

We started out our adventure with two slight brushes with fame.  Our first was with a group that stayed at our hotel the night before we left for Florida and we rode the airport shuttle together.   They had tons of instruments—large ones—and we struck up a conversation.  I finally got smart and asked what their group name was and lo and behold —it was one of my favorite Christian groups–Gungor.  Obviously I did not recognize them in the flesh but I do know their music and one of their songs is one of my go to songs.  This is it:

After we landed in Tampa I noticed a couple taking pictures with a guy that sat in first class on our flight.  Since I am always bringing Diamond Chris down with my lowly Gold Status with Delta we were in economy comfort this trip but I had noticed this guy.  Come to figure out he is one of the crew of Time Bandit on The Deadliest Catch.  Not totally positive which one he was but I think it was Neal.  They all look pretty scruffy on that show and he did not look as scruffy in real life!! Guess he was cleaned up for Thanksgiving!

The week in Indian Shores, Florida was simply wonderful.  Lots of sun and warmth, family time and walks on the beach were the order of the day.  We were all relaxed and laid back.  Our oldest son got the greatest news that he was accepted into the MBA program at Columbia and the week just got better and better.  We had a great turkey dinner on Thursday and ate at some great restaurants the rest of the week. It was a fabulous time.

Beautiful sunsets!

Juicy turkey!

Wicked game of mini golf

The family!

Of course all good things must come to an end.  That includes vacations.  We went our separate ways and Chris and I flew back to Minneapolis.  This is what awaited us in Iowa.



Looks like my favorite deer, Doe Re Mi, had a feast on my pumpkins while we were away!

And my precious kitties left me a present in the dining room which I found the next day……complete with puke which I partially cleaned up before taking this shot.

Oh it is good to be home.  It is good to be home.  It is good to be home.  Maybe if I say it enough I will feel warm and believe it.

The following picture sums it all up—too much vacation!!!!


  1. I love the last picture! Glad you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving week together.

  2. Oh, the photo with the kitties is my favorite. How precious!

    Once when we came home to Haiti from a vacation in Seattle, our house in Port-au-Prince was full of liquid mud–literally, several inches of it. Had a land slide behind our house during the rainy season, and the mud was flowing under the front door and down the steps. It was a nightmare–especially since I slipped on it and fell down the steps.

    Your Thanksgiving sounds wonderful!


  3. So much great content to this post that I don’t quite know where to start. First, sounds like you had a wonderful vacation with your boys. Second, congrats to your eldest on getting into Columbia’s MBA program. That is great news and I expect he’s just thrilled. Third, the weather, yeah, not so great compared to Florida. Fourth, ewwwww, I hate mice, dead or alive. Fifth, you look so comfy and content snuggled on the couch. Sixth, I really like those pillows on your couch. From whence do they come?

    • Haha! Thanks for the comments!! We had a great time and it was really hard to come back to the cold but I easing into it. The plus side is wearing warm snuggly sweaters! The mouse I suspected as I saw the cats casing the stove the week before we left…..I am so not a fan so at least they got it! They got extra treats for that one! The pillows —-got them at Shopko. Do you have one around you??? I loved the colors in them!

  4. Looks like Buddy and Holly are happy to have their snuggle buddy back!!! It always takes me a few days to adjust after a trip away… no matter where but especially a vacation trip. So glad, you had a wonderful time in Florida. It is a beautiful time of year right now. 🙂

  5. Amy Prentice says:

    I love all your pictures Beth Ann…looks like you had a fantastic Thanksgiving vacation! Congrats again to Micah…that is so awesome! We did the reverse and left the 60 degree weather and headed north! So when we came back it was warm!!! My kitties are still following me from room to room as they do not want me to leave them again! I also had what I fondly call the kitty totem pole this morning on my lap….the two were actually snuggled on my lap one above the other…and no growling!!! They slept like that for over an hour……and then I had to get work done! As for the mouse…..your kitties got you a present while you were gone! How sweet! (blah!) lol!

    • Love the kitty totem pole!!! That is exactly what they do sometimes and I have a hard time making them move! The presents I could do without—I am hoping he was the only one in the house …ugh.

  6. Buddy and Holly were obviously glad you were home.

  7. So glad everything went well and all had a good time. I love the picture of you and Buddy and Holly. Of course I like the one of all of you together also.

  8. So nice you got to spend time with family for Thanksgiving in beautiful weather! Congrats to Micah!

  9. The final picture is the purrfect ending to vacation. I don’t think I would have wanted to return home to snow and that itty bitty temp! Glad you had a fabulous family time, though.

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