A New Use for the Loo

Awhile ago when Chris and I were on a little vacation in Southport, NC we ate at a cute little restaurant on the water.  I excused myself before the food arrived to go avail myself of the facilities.  I was trying to pre-empt my brother in law Carlton's theory of "food in--food out".  But that is a story for another day. I found my way through the restaurant to the restroom and stepped inside a stall.  It was a smallish bathroom with only 2 stalls and as I was in my private space a woman and … [Read more...]

Comments Keep Rolling In–New Cause!

It's July 1st and if you are new to It's Just Life you may not know about my Comments for a Cause. First of all ---Welcome!!! I have gotten a lot of new followers lately and I am thrilled that you are each here!!!! Each month I select a charity or "cause" to highlight.  During the month for every comment made on any post on my blog (does not even have to be on a post written during that month!) my husband and I will donate 50 cents to that specific charity.  I first started this in April 2011 … [Read more...]

It’s All My Fault for Not Turning Off the Coffee Pot

Sometimes things happen and there is no reason why.  Other times the root cause can be traced and in this case it was all my fault.  I forgot to turn off the coffee pot. We were headed out for the day to catch the ferry to take us to Bald Head Island.  My love of lighthouses was spurring us onward to take in this lighthouse that we had yet to see.  About 20 minutes into the drive I looked at my dear husband and said "I didn't turn off the coffee pot".   He knows me well enough to know that it … [Read more...]

And So It Begins

[Read more...]

Comments, Please!

It is the beginning of the month and if you have followed me in the past 2 1/2 years you know that that is the day that I tally up the comments made on my blog during the past month and make a donation to the cause for that month.  It is also the day that I announce the new cause!!!   Woo hoo!   I get pretty excited about it ---maybe not as excited as I do about Flavia machines but hey----pretty excited none the less. This past month comments were designated to go toward support of Second … [Read more...]

Torrid Love Affair

Today I was reminded, once again, of a brief but torrid love affair that I had about 7 years ago.  Even though time has passed I still remember it as if it were yesterday and long for the happiness that that love affair brought to my life at a time when I was lonely and feeling vulnerable.  Today that love affair might be rekindled. To make this story even more interesting let me just tell you that it occurred in a church. Yep---a United Methodist Church to be exact.  Epworth United Methodist … [Read more...]

Kickstarter? Yes!

Have any of you ever helped with a Kickstarter project?   Kickstarter is a great way to crowd source funding for creative projects and I have "kicked in" for a couple of neat ideas and today you get to see one of those fabulous products. I pitched in a few bucks about a year ago for a product called The Floating Mug and received 2 of these a few months ago and I LOVE THEM!   To say that the addition of The Floating Mug to my cupboard has dramatically changed my life may be a little … [Read more...]

South of the Border

Everyone needs some tackiness in their life every now and then.  I was on a quest to find a tourist trap and find it I did!!!  On a trip to Charleston, SC I encountered the best example of tourist "trapiness" that I think I have ever experienced .  Right on the way on I 95 at the North Carolina/South Carolina line sits South of the Border. I was driving at that point so I took my husband hostage and pulled off to explore all that Pedro had to offer weary travelers on their way to the beach, … [Read more...]

Library Love NCSU Style

On a recent trip to Raleigh, North Carolina to visit our youngest son we had the fun of going to go see the new Hunt Library at North Carolina State University--his alma mater.  It was beyond amazing. There's that word again!  It was fabulous!!!  It was stupendous!  It was incredible!  It was out of this world!  Okay--enough of the superlatives.    Aaron had made a donation which secured him a bench outside the library with his name on it.  Since there were no names on any of them yet we just … [Read more...]

It’s Just Life With Friends

Part of our recent trip was a trip back "home" to Mooresville, NC where we lived for about 9 years.  It seems a long time ago since we moved in 2007 and even though I have been back numerous times Chris has not made the trip with me.  Being the nice guy that he is he funds my trips !   But this time we made it a point to stop for the night there and see some friends and catch up. There is nothing like friends who know you, who have lived through life with you and walked similar paths.  These … [Read more...]