Someone Spoiled the Fun

I  was thrilled last week to see an oriole flitting through my back yard.  I have not seen them here before and so of course I rushed out to buy a platform feeder to put some goodies out specifically to draw them in. My current feeders did not have any tasty treats that they like and I wanted to attract more and more of these lovelies to our backyard. I got the needed items and carefully put the platform feeder and nectar feeder up where I would be able to observe them feasting.  It didn't … [Read more...]

Beach Time

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Scenic Saturday

Just a few pics from around the house this week!!!!  Enjoy!!! … [Read more...]

Birds, Boats and Barf?

                              The internet is not cooperating with me here at the Wilmington Oasis so my pictures are not in the normal slide show view nor are they spaced out right.  Sorry about that!!! Gonna switch to My Wi pretty soon because the spinning wheel of death is killing me here!!!   Anyway, you get … [Read more...]

I am Losing the Battle…..

I am about to throw in the towel with the bird feeders! Between the deer, the huge crows that threaten to carry me off every time I am outside, and now the squirrels I am going through birdseed like I am Fleet and Farm! Good golly it is nuts! Today I caught the culprit who emptied my feeder overnight I think. Cute and very brave--brave enough that I walked right up to him and snapped his picture while he was snacking. He finally left after I talked to him for awhile and the … [Read more...]

Number 21!

Today I am thankful for birds. We are staying in a great place where we are waking up to the songs of the birds every morning and that is something that I love. Here we are in the heart of the city but we are in an oasis of lovely sounds from our feathered friends. My family has a long history of being bird lovers and I actually have a brother who is an avid birder as well as a nephew who is right up there with him in knowledge and skill set. I once made the mistake of telling my nephew that … [Read more...]