The International Bank of Bob

  You know it is a good day when I post about two of my favorite things.  Today I wanted to share a bit of Kiva love and if you know me you know that I love this organization.  This fabulous microfinancing site was founded in October 2005 by Matt Flannery and Jessica Jackley.  It has grown and surpassed their expectations, I am sure, and has many dedicated individuals who are on the board as well as others like Premal Shah (President of who serve in various capacities. My … [Read more...]

Shameless Request for KIVA

As many of you know my husband and I are huge supporters of KIVA---a micro financing organization that gives low interest loans to folks all around the world who are trying to make a go of their businesses.  I am part of several "lending groups" including one with my family and friends and one that my brother sucked me into that is called "Guys Holding Fish".  Their loans are based on finding folks who have fish in their business somehow---whether it is selling fish or buying supplies to get … [Read more...]

My House Still Smells Like My House

I know that is a weird thing to think about but after being gone from my house for 5 months I wondered.  When I walked in late Tuesday night after a day of traveling I was not sure what I would find.   I mean let's face it---my husband has been a bachelor for 5 months and even though he has not been here at the house THAT much I was still a little concerned.  But I walked in and it hit me.  My house still smelled like my house!   I think every house has a certain smell to it and hopefully a good … [Read more...]

Comments for A Cause– A Bit of Rejoicing and Celebration!

Wow---what a great month for Comments for a Cause!! As you know I promise that I will donate 50 cents for each legitimate comment (that weeds out all the spam!!!) on any post on my blog each month.  This month I decided to donate all of the proceeds to KIVA.  If you are unfamiliar with KIVA click that little link there (the underlined blue part !) and it will take you to their site but in a nutshell KIVA is an organization that does micro-financing all over the world.  For only $25 anyone can … [Read more...]

Comments for a Cause…..Food and More Food!

So excited for this month's reveal for Comments for a Cause!!!  I had a great month for comments and met a lot of great folks associated with West Ohio Food Bank.  There are so many folks that are associated with them --either as employees or volunteers---and it was wonderful to be a small part of their world for a month!!!  During December I received 258 comments so I am donating $129 to West Ohio Food Bank. I decided as I wrote this to bump it up to $150 just because! They do a great job and … [Read more...]

KIVA—4000 Free Trials!!! KIVA is doing something pretty smart, in my humble opinion!  They are giving away 4000 $25 free trial loans to folks who do not already have a KIVA account.  For those of you who know me well you know that I am a lover of KIVA!  This organization provides micro financing to those who need a foot up to get a business going. Most recipients are in other countries though they have opened it up to the US which is pretty cool, too.   If you click on the link below it will take you to … [Read more...]

Kiva – Need Holiday Gift Ideas? – Give a Kiva Gift Certificate Today!

You know how much I am always plugging Kiva! Well this year is no different!!! Do you have a hard to buy for person on your Christmas list?  Well---this is one gift that they won't return and it keeps on giving!!!  A simple $25 will help an entrepreneur get their business going in another country (there are even some US loans now!) and once they have repaid the loan you can then REGIVE it again to someone else!  I have made 66 loans to date and if that doesn't tell you how much I love KIVA … [Read more...]

Kiva wins $1 million

I am so happy!!! Kiva won a million buckeroos to expand and enhance their micro-financing platform!  Now you guys all know that I am a HUGE Kiva fan and it just makes me happy that even though I was not able to help much other than promote this last grant since I am not a Sam's Club member----that it happened!!!  Cheers to Kiva and to all you who support it and have made it what it is today!!! Still figuring out this new place to blog so please bear with me!!! … [Read more...]