The International Bank of Bob

  You know it is a good day when I post about two of my favorite things.  Today I wanted to share a bit of Kiva love and if you know me you know that I love this organization.  This fabulous microfinancing site was founded in October 2005 by Matt Flannery and Jessica Jackley.  It has grown and surpassed their expectations, I am sure, and has many dedicated individuals who are on the board as well as others like Premal Shah (President of who serve in various capacities. My … [Read more...]

My House Still Smells Like My House

I know that is a weird thing to think about but after being gone from my house for 5 months I wondered.  When I walked in late Tuesday night after a day of traveling I was not sure what I would find.   I mean let's face it---my husband has been a bachelor for 5 months and even though he has not been here at the house THAT much I was still a little concerned.  But I walked in and it hit me.  My house still smelled like my house!   I think every house has a certain smell to it and hopefully a good … [Read more...]