Shameless Request for KIVA

kiva_121x64As many of you know my husband and I are huge supporters of KIVA—a micro financing organization that gives low interest loans to folks all around the world who are trying to make a go of their businesses.  I am part of several “lending groups” including one with my family and friends and one that my brother sucked me into that is called “Guys Holding Fish”.  Their loans are based on finding folks who have fish in their business somehow—whether it is selling fish or buying supplies to get fishing they have it covered.   Lately I have been searching and finding a lot of tea related loans so you can imagine where I have been spending my repayments!

It is really quite simple—-go to the link I will post below and sign up.  KIVA has great supporters who will give free $25 loans to first time lenders.  It is a win win.  You never even have to spend any of your own money that way—if you want to wait till that initial $25 is paid back you can then reloan it to someone else.  It is a beautiful thing to help someone out and even better when you can do it for free!!!  Check it out today–if you are interested in a personal invite I will be happy to send one to you via email.  Just leave me a comment below (which also helps our Comments for a Cause for the month!) and I will send out an invite!!!



  1. You have a huge heart! Thanks for making the world a better place and supporting this cause!

  2. I’ve seen so many of your loans over the past few months and I love that you do this and so much more. You are an inspiration. I will look into it because like you said, it’s a win-win if you start with the free $25 loan and keep on giving it…

  3. I also agree that we can help a lot of people by loaning through Kiva.

  4. I’ll take a look at it. I’ve heard of Kiva and all the good they do but have never really explored. Thanks for sharing the link.

  5. I actively re-give my loan payments and feel good about helping out so many people. It’s just hard to choose who to lend to when there are so many in need!

  6. How can it be a free $25 loan? I don’t understand.

    • Kiva has sponsors who fund $25 loans to first time loaners! So your first loan to help someone is free! Good for you and them. You never have to give anything more— you can just reloan that money when it gets repaid.

  7. I am a big supporter of Kiva, too. I think what they do is absolutely fantastic. I’ve loaned before so I can’t take advantage of your amazing offer, but I hope a lot of people do. I just received an update from the folks who are repaying their loans and I’m always happy to see that they’re doing well.
    Thanks for spreading the word!

    • Jackie—Thanks so much for taking the time to comment! I am so glad to find another KIVA supporter—there are a lot of us out there! I think they do wonderful work and I am thrilled to be a small part of their mission. I got my brother hooked and he is a bit of a fanatic about them now—–and he has loaned a lot more than I have so it is really kind of neat to see the ripple effect!!! Thanks again! Great to have you stop by!!!

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