Be The Ripple

Recently I gave a little presentation at our local Social Media Breakfast entitled Be The Ripple.  I shared with the group some of the great things that have happened to me over the years through having my blog and how fabulous it has been to be a part of this big world that becomes smaller when you have access to social media and the internet.  The basic theme of my talk that morning was that we can all start a ripple of our own in a variety of ways. I never have sought fortune and fame or … [Read more...]

Making Wishes Come True

It is March 1st and that means it is time to focus on Comments for a Cause here at It's Just Life.  If you are new follower (thank YOU!) this is the way it works.  Each month I select a charity or cause to support.  For each legitimate comment on ANY post during that month I promise to make a donation of 50 cents to that cause.  Legitimate = a comment that shows that you actually read the post and actually made a comment relevant to it.   Simple, right? In February I was thrilled to find … [Read more...]

NaBloPoMo + Amazon Smiles

Before you think I am speaking in a foreign language let me explain.   In the month of November writers and bloggers everywhere make a pledge to write every day.   For writers the goal is to write a novel during the month.  A pretty lofty goal but what a great way to get started.   The official link for this is located here---National Novel Writing Month.  It's a great thing.  I have dreams of writing a book but honestly----I don't know if that is ever going to happen.  If it does I suspect it … [Read more...]

Who Doesn’t Love Children????

What a month it has been!!!!   I love the first day of the month because not only is it the start of yet another great month it means it is Comments for a Cause time!!!!   For those of you who may have just recently stumbled upon my blog (welcome!!!) I make a big announcement the first day of the month.  The first part of the announcement is the big reveal of exactly how much money will be donated to the "cause" of the month.   This past month I chose The Breast Cancer Research Foundation as the … [Read more...]

The Rest of the Story

My town of Mason City has a lot to offer and one of the best things, in my humble opinion, has been the Sculpture Walk that they have installed this year.  I blogged about it here and here and here!  It took me 3 posts to show them all and many of you commented on the beauty of what the artists have to offer in the way of unique and interesting sculptures. My favorite by far was the one in front of the library entitled Circle of Friends created by artist Karen Crain. If you … [Read more...]

Comments Help Mend and Give a Second Life

There are just no words to tell how much  I love the first day of each month.  The night before I am busy tallying up blog comments---going through the comments and reliving what you guys have all contributed with your words.  It amazes me how many folks comment --still---after over 2 years into my decision to do Comments for a Cause.   If you are new here the concept is simple---make a comment on any post and it gets counted towards a 50 cent donation to the charity of the month. A quick … [Read more...]

High Five for Comments for a Cause!

Today is the start of a new month and no April Fool's jokes here!!! Just happy to be moving into spring, hopefully, and some nicer weather. We still have big snow piles from the plowing but hopefully those all will be gone by week end. My cause for March---Care of Creation and Brittany Ederer is done for the month  and I am happy to report that a donation of $224 is going to help fund Brittany's work at this wonderful organization.  I was so happy to "find" her and be able to be a small part … [Read more...]

And The Winner Is…….

This could prove to be one long post!!!  Grab your cup of coffee or tea and pull up a couch and settle in for a spell.  You see today is the day I tally up the Comments for A Cause for the month and let my readers know just how awesome they are!   During the month of February you guys all commented like the great folks that you are and I am so thrilled to be able to announce that we will be donating  $202.50 to Tom  Hedin's medical fund through  As you might remember Tom was … [Read more...]

Comments for a Cause –It’s All About the Kids

This past month I was pretty excited to support Josh's Yolka Project as my featured charity here at It's Just Life.  You can read more about it here but in a nutshell Josh is a 17 year old young man who was adopted from Russia when he was 4 1/2 years old.  He knows first hand of the things that are lacking at the orphanages there and it is his goal to raise money for different things for those orphanages including Yolka (Christmas) presents. I learned about Josh and his project from his grandpa, … [Read more...]

Showers and the Amazon

Thanks to all who made comments on my blog this month!!! It was a another great month and I am happy to announce that I will be making a great donation to Operation Shower as promised!  During May I got a total of 456 comments on my blog and 24 on my Facebook page on my posts so I will be making a $240 donation to them by buying things on their Babies R Us registry and having them shipped to them!!!  Shopping is going to be fun!!!!  So thanks to all of you for this wonderful gift that we are … [Read more...]