Undocumented Armadillo = Sad Face

Yes, it is true.  If you have seen my earlier post this week you know about the much anticipated arrival of Andy the Armadillo.  Andy came to me from Patti in Virginia but I think his roots and ancestry may be more from the Georgia area.  His mama, Lenore, blogs over here at Lenore’s Thoughts Exactly and she was gracious enough to share him with me.  He has already proved to be a wonderful house guest and has settled right in with us.

Chris and I have been preparing for our anniversary extravaganza.  30 years is nothing to sneeze at and my sweetheart wants to celebrate with a huge trip so I was excited to be able to include our newest family member in our plans.  Then the sad news came …..Andy is on the No Fly list as he is an Undocumented Armadillo.  It seems that there is some sketchy history with Andy that is better left unwritten (I am sure his mama did not know any of the sordid details–)

So unfortunately Andy is going to have to stay home with Buddy and Holly and keep them entertained.  He was a little disappointed (though his expression does not show that!!!) and I promised him that I would take his likeness with me and photograph him in a bunch of wonderful places to share with you guys upon our return.  That seemed to appease him and quite honestly I do not think that he was looking forward to being sequestered in a backpack for extended periods of time.  So we will be packing the Flat Andy version to accompany us on our adventures.

Trust me—Andy is not missing out on much here. Already he has attended a BBQ with friends including corn bugs by the zillions, church, gone to our favorite local restaurant and accompanied me to the library and did a little bird watching while I worked on stuff.  He is going to get quite an education even if it is Iowa based!!!  🙂   Enjoy the slideshow and let me know what you think!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


  1. Oh, I hope you have a wonderul trip, my friend. Happy anniversary, and, I must say, the Andy photos are a total hoot! Safe travels————

  2. Well, I think that Andy has had quite the introduction to Iowa thus far. You really ought to show him a cornfield, though. Love the cat tickling Andy pic. Cute.

    Happy 30th anniversary! Enjoy!

  3. Nooooo!!! (smile) I am very sorry Andy is unable to accompany you and the hubs, Beth Ann. Then again, two’s company and three’s a crowd. After 30yrs you’ve earned this alone time. (smile)
    The slideshow is wonderful! I love that Andy was able to access Raleigh remotely. And the bond that seems to exist between Andy and Buddy is priceless. Great stuff, Beth Ann!

    • If truth be told Andy is pretty heavy! I was worried all the travel would bang him up a tad too much but trust me…..Flat Andy has been right there with us! Will be posting pics soon of those adventures so far!!!!

    • Flat Andy has already been quite a few places!!!! Stay tuned!

  4. Cute. Too bad for Andy, but maybe better for you. 🙂 have a wonderful trip. Happy anniversary.

  5. pattisj says:

    Andy appears to be enjoying his time with Buddy & Holly, sharing their condo. They will probably be much more fun than all those security checkpoints.

  6. Flat Andy is better than no Andy. I’m sure he’ll have a blast with Buddy and Holly!!!

  7. Helen Brown says:

    I hope Andy, Buddy and Holly have a great time together and don’t get into any trouble while you are gone.

    • I hope they don’t either!!! I left Andy on the counter and the cats are not supposed to be up there but you never know what goes on when we are gone….if I come home and Andy has moved I will know that funny business was going on!

  8. You know, armadillos are major carriers of leprosy. Careful with that thing…


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