Classy Wordless Wednesday

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Andy Winds Down His Iowa (and more) Adventure

It is time to send Andy on his way.  I must admit I have hung on to him a tad bit longer than I probably should have but hey----we had a lot to do and see!!!  Andy is going to be heading out to British Columbia next and will be staying with Darlene who writes over at Darlene Foster's Blog.  You will definitely want to check it out.  Don't forget Andy's mama---Lenore --over at Lenore's Thoughts Exactly---she is the one who started this, after all!!!  We had a good time with Andy and will be sad … [Read more...]

Andy Winds Down His Overseas Adventure

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Undocumented Armadillo = Sad Face

Yes, it is true.  If you have seen my earlier post this week you know about the much anticipated arrival of Andy the Armadillo.  Andy came to me from Patti in Virginia but I think his roots and ancestry may be more from the Georgia area.  His mama, Lenore, blogs over here at Lenore's Thoughts Exactly and she was gracious enough to share him with me.  He has already proved to be a wonderful house guest and has settled right in with us. Chris and I have been preparing for our anniversary … [Read more...]

478 Miles

That is how much I drove today---could have driven farther but had made reservations to stay in Elkhart, IN so decided to keep those and quit driving for the day.   All but about 10 miles of that total was in the rain.  Funny how the last time I made this trip to Ohio the weather was almost exactly the same!  At least I have Chris's comfy car and he resubscribed to Sirius so much of the trip I was rocking out to the 70's on 7 and 80's on 8!!!!  Makes  a difference when  you don't have to fiddle … [Read more...]