It’s A Thing

I pride myself on usually being on the cutting edge of things.  I love to be the one who has the handle on the latest trends and fashion.  NOT!   I like comfortable and that is not always the trend.

On my last trip to North Carolina around the time of my birthday my best friend in the whole wide world, Ann, gave me some presents.  Socks were one of the presents because that is a thing with us.  Not sure why but it is.  A cute little can of flowers that if I add the right amount of sun and water I will have a beautiful little can of love.  And a dancing flower.


Oh it is cute.  It is more than cute.  It is adorable.  The solar powered daisy dances in the light and makes me smile. Ann says they are a thing.  Not only are there dancing flowers there are dancing pigs and ladybugs and elephants and all kinds of solar powered dancing things.  I think the next one I need to have is the Lucky Cat that is shown on Amazon.  lucky cat

How did I not know about these?

People keep them on their desks and line them up.  I suspect it is a bit of a competition to see how many you can have.  I put mine in my car (thanks to a bit of velcro) and am totally loving it.  It makes me smile and think of my bestie at the same time.

Am I the last one to know about this latest “thing”?


  1. Virginia Pillsbury says:

    Nope. I know now, thanks to you!

  2. Oh a friend of mine from college had one similar to the flower you have back in the day. 🙂 they are too cute!!

  3. Really??? You always know about the latest thing. This thing and that thing you are cutting edge when it comes to things. How in the world did a dancing flower escape you? Or pig. Heartbreaking. I’m so glad you are making up for lost time.

  4. Hadn’t seen one … until now!

  5. Ummmmm yes you must be! I have had 2 smiley face flowers for at least two years…. And they are just plain fun!

  6. Clearly, I’m “more-last” than you are. Have never heard of such a thing. But then I don’t live in the land of dancing flowers. They’re darling! Have an awesome weekend, my friend.

    Hugs from Ecuador,

    • That made me giggle! I think I must have been hiding under a rock or something! I am glad that I am not the only one behind on the trend!!! Have a great day, Kathy!

  7. Beth Ann…you surprised me….you are so trendy and on top of things…lol I not only have the flowers but also have a turkey and scarecrow! They do make me smile too! Sit in my dining room windows and dance. Although one of my flowers was attacked by Kitkat and broke!

  8. Nope. I am seldom on the cutting edge of anything.

  9. Becky Miracle says:

    I apparently live under a very big rock, because I am usually the last to know anything trending! That is SO cute and SO perfect for you!

  10. The dancing flower is so cute. A friend gave me a flower tea infuser which also makes me very happy. (it doesn’t dance though). It is great to have these little things that makes us think of our friends.

  11. When my late cousin was in the nursing home, she received two of the “dancing daisies”. They were on her window sill and made her/us smile so often. (She was completely bedridden.) When she passed away in November, her brother kept one, and I have one. EVERY day, it reminds me of her and makes me smile. It’s like she’s still here with me. I hope it never stops dancing….

  12. Do you dance with it?

  13. No, you’re not the last person to know of them, I never heard of them until now.

  14. How cute! I’ve seen dancing flowers, but I didn’t know about the lucky cats. Wonder if they have lucky dogs, too?!

  15. pattisj says:

    No, I’m currently the last one. 🙂 I haven’t seen these, but I do like that flower.

  16. I never have heard about them before but I am always way behind in such things.

  17. You’re definitely not the last one to know because I knew nothing about them until I read your post! How cute!

  18. yep, I’m a sucker and wants this thing! 🙂

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