It’s A Thing

I pride myself on usually being on the cutting edge of things.  I love to be the one who has the handle on the latest trends and fashion.  NOT!   I like comfortable and that is not always the trend. On my last trip to North Carolina around the time of my birthday my best friend in the whole wide world, Ann, gave me some presents.  Socks were one of the presents because that is a thing with us.  Not sure why but it is.  A cute little can of flowers that if I add the right amount of sun and … [Read more...]

6 Years Later–A Giveaway

When I started this blog 6 years ago today I had no idea what joy it would bring.  I started out on Blogger with a blog called Beth Ann's Musings and in 3 years time I migrated my blog to WordPress and renamed it It's Just LIfe--Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary.  I have never looked back. Over the 6 years we have been on a bit of an adventure.   I have posted 1866 posts and have recorded 22,824 comments on my blog posts over that time (that includes my own comments/responses).  I … [Read more...]

Friday Filled with F’s

Joining up with Hilary at Feeling Beachie for her weekly blog hop.  She has been posting Follow Friday Four Fill in Fun Blog Hop  FOREVER (another F) and her dedication to doing this is FABULOUS!  Okay--enough alliteration-----let's get on with the statements.  Click here to hop over to her blog to join up via Linky and be a part of the fun.  Or leave your own answers in the comments here if you want. The statements: I have been ____ so if I _____ I dont like _____. I easily can … [Read more...]

Teapot Tuesday Again!

This teapot is one that has become very special to me!  My sister, Paula, gave it to me when they were cleaning out her mother in law's house.  It is a pretty one and pretty common style for that time period----the brown with the bright colored paint is a typical type to be found in the 60's and 70's.  I love it and I love that I knew the woman who used it to make many pots of tea. Thank you Dorothy Archdeacon and thank you, Paula!!!  I love it!   … [Read more...]

It Came! It Came!

Imagine my excitement when the doorbell rang and my "postie" handed me an airmail package!!!  Yippee!!  I had been promised that something was coming and I was holding out hope that my friend, Gillian, had sent me some delectable morsels of Australian goodness.   I looked at the package and saw that yes indeed---there were chocolate bikkies inside!!!  Unopened bikkies to be more precise and I knew that my friend had taken my not so subtle  hint and mailed me out of the goodness of … [Read more...]

Dysfunctional? Come See Me!

It is true.  I possess a rare gene.  One that others may have but I have cornered the majority of it and possess powers unknown to others.  It makes me laugh sometimes but many times it makes me take pause and consider my "gift".  My gift is a curse at times also.  I have learned to embrace it (there it is---one of my words that I am focusing on this year!  I am using it!  ) .  You see it is simple---I attract dysfunctional people.   It does not matter if I know them or not----they flock to … [Read more...]

Rush On Out To Buy These For Christmas Gifts!!!

One of the websites I peruse from time to time is The Huffington Post. They usually do not fail to make me smile and more often laugh with some of their slide shows. Today I found the perfect gifts for everyone on my Christmas shopping list and I am sure that you will too!!!  Pictures and content all taken from their slide show----I take no credit ----but sure wanted to pass it along!!!  Start shopping now! 1.  Children's Night Vision Camcorder because we all want our kids out there at night … [Read more...]