Throw Back Thursday

toilet frogThrowing back to 2008 and some pictures from Australia today on It’s Just Life!  Enjoy!  (Click on any photo to enlarge.)


  1. Haha, a frog in the toilet wins my heart 🙂

  2. OMG–the frog in the toilet is hilarious! At first I couldn’t wrap my brain around it enough to see what it actually was. How funny.

    Hugs from Ecuador,

  3. The frog! Thanks for sharing the photos. I’ve always been curious what it’s like to live there.

  4. So many lovely pictures but that frog in the toidie cracks me up! And it’s BLUE water too!!!!

    • Yea, I hoped by putting the blue stuff in the toilets it would discourage the frogs but as you can see—-it did not. This was one toilet in our house and the other one housed a different froggie friend. sigh. I never got used to that.

  5. What an experience. What beauty (except the frog in the toilet and the bats).

    I’ve heard that kangaroos run rampant like deer here. Correct?

    • The kangaroos were indeed everywhere like deer—-we saw more wallabies than kangaroos but there was plenty of roadkill like in the US. When we drove from MSP to Ohio this last trip we saw over 3o dead deer…ugh.

  6. What an exciting time you must have had. I had a pen pal from Australia when I was a kid and I always wanted to go there. Perhaps one day.

    • It was definitely a wonderful experience and one that I am so grateful we had the chance to take. It was an adventure and we were so blessed to be able to do it.

  7. All so beautiful! I’m glad I don’t have to pick a favorite, although the starfish would be in the top two!

    • Thanks, Dianna. We took so many fabulous pictures while we were there. My favorite memory was walking on the beach at one particularly low tide when we saw tons of sea creatures that we had not seen before. Fun memories.

  8. Love the starfish. And the flowers and koalas. And the beach views. But the frog in the toilet cracks me up!!

    • We had two toilets and two separate frogs….I thought the one was frog free for the longest time but then this little guy showed up! Surprise, surprise!

  9. Missy's Crafty Mess says:

    Great pictures. I love the frog in the toilet. I thought that it was in a bucket at first.

  10. That frog must have thought he was on Blue Bayou..

  11. Great pics. 🙂

  12. Love the pictures. Australia is so cool although I admit being a bit disappointed that is is so civilized –a toad in the toilet makes me feel a wee bit better, tho. And I love koala bears and roos. What a great experience!

  13. Australia looks like such a grand adventure. frogs in the toilet — I mean, honestly; life can’t get more exciting. LOL

  14. They have some of the coolest critters over there! Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos.

  15. Enjoyed your pictures showing us some of Australia.

  16. If i had a view like that from my verandah I’d never get anything done because I’d be sitting looking out over the water all day!

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