Chrisisms –Again

iowa c&baOh you KNOW you have missed them!   Mr. Diamond has not been keeping up his end of the deal by keeping me in blog material lately.  I think he might be a tad bit distracted but I did manage to get a few out of him since the last posting of his witty words.   Enjoy a little Monday morning humor compliments of my dearly beloved.

  1. Subordinates are like your kids.  They just want your time.
  2. I am going to turn over a new leaf.  And find the worm beneath.
  3. Some people walk like they drive and that is NOT a compliment.
  4. I am about 5 minutes from having to wear a name tag to know who I am.
  5. I am breathing your exhaust. (This when we were snuggling and breathing the same air.)
  6. About 15% of the population are still here these days but they are the ones who would have been eaten by bears in the old days.(I think that one lost something in translation.)
  7. If I am going to work hard I am going to be warm.  (You would think we live in Iowa or something.)
  8. We are just a couple of polished stones all smooth from rubbing against each other
  9. I am a man of great silhouette.
  10. When our youngest son Aaron recently had a kidney stone Chris stated that “we now have a “Grandstone!
  11. You learn more with failures than successes.
  12. And one of my favorites from the past:  A waitress asked us if we were done with our meal or still picking.  Chris immediately answered that we were done picking and were now grinning.

He always makes me laugh.  And that, my friends, is a very good thing.  If you are hooked check out my other posts Chrisisms by clicking here, here , here, here, here, here, here,and here.  Whew. He has a lot of witty sayings.

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  1. A sense of humour is so very important. You just have to love a guy with a sense of humour.

  2. Hilary says:

    I love your husband!!!

  3. Oh my gosh-a grandstone! I like the quote about breathing your exhaust. Jake and I accuse each other of stealing each other’s oxygen.

  4. Having recently had the pleasure of dining with you and Chris, I wholeheartedly agree that Chris makes people laugh. And laughter is what I need. I will also state that I did not see him picking at his food.

  5. Thank Chris for us for providing such witty sayings on a Monday morning, Beth Ann! I particularly like #3 and #6 — is it odd that I think I know just the folks he was referring to?!

  6. Love the Chris-isms AND the picture!

  7. This made me laugh out loud. 🙂

  8. In regard to #3 my daughter said to me not long ago.. “Dad you rock” to which I replied “ah thank you honey” but then she said “No, I mean you rock when you walk”! Ego deflation to the nth degree. And in regard to #6 I think the Chrisism translation may be that; Stupid has become a protected species. lolo

  9. Mr. Diamond does not disappoint. Congratulations on your grandstone!! (Did you give it a name?)

  10. #4 is the story of my life. Very funny/

  11. pattisj says:

    I’ll have to share #4 with hubby, I’m sure he can identify. ROFL at #10! Grandstone!

  12. Hee hee needed a good giggle today 🙂

  13. Virginia says:

    These crack me up – and partly because I can hear Chris saying them (in my head). Love you!

  14. “grandstone” !!! I laughed so hard at that one. brilliant.
    and he is absolutely right on #11

  15. Ann Pillsbury says:

    So funny. Thanks.

  16. kzemek says:

    I agree with No. 11, we do learn more from failure than success.

  17. Leslie says:

    #11 was my favorite too. There is so much wisdom in that Chrisism.

  18. what a fun thing to document. i always love the hilarious quips that are said in passing but are so seldom remembered 🙂 great idea to write them down to be enjoyed for years to come.

    • I started keeping track of them and “named” them because it was just getting to be fun and I certainly would not remember them if I did not write them down. My mind is a sieve these days. Glad you enjoyed them.

  19. #4. And there are some I would like to feed to the bears. No guilt.

  20. I just about fell off my chair when I read “breathing your exhaust.” I also love the one about the bear – I think he was trying to say these people are so dumb or lazy, in the past, they would have been eaten by a bear as nature’s way of taking care of things.

    • I think you are right about what he meant… lost something when I wrote it down but I think you nailed it. I think I left him gasping for oxygen or something when he was breathing my exhaust!

  21. Love the Chris-isms. I think the one about the “grandstones” is my favorite!

    Hugs from Ecuador,

  22. Martha Hofmeister says:

    Love the picking and grinning one.

  23. I like the sentiment behind number 8… Mainly because I’m all about embracing the conflicts that naturally arise between two people who are together all of the time. But you mould each other into something beautiful! 🙂

  24. #4!!! Me the last three weeks! Love these Chrisisms, especially #8.

  25. Jennifer says:

    I completely agree with learning more from failure than success, I think I remember a lot more things in school on exams that I got wrong more than so got right!

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