Teapot Tuesday—Birthday Teapot!

Last week I celebrated my 28th birthday and I already knew what one of my presents was because my wonderful husband had let me pick it out on a recent trip to Galena, Illinois.  If you have never been to Galena you MUST put it on your places to see list.  When we lived in Freeport, Illinois it was just a hop, skip and a jump there and we both fell in love with it.   It has changed a lot in the years since we last visited but still has the same charm and appeal.

I found a great shop that is also a must go to place if you head that way.  The Great Galena Peddlery is run by James and Patricia Lehnhardt.  Patricia was in the shop the day we visited and we had a lovely chat.  She also has a blog with her daughter with a food emphasis at The Traveling Table that you might want to check out, too.

Of course I was drawn in because the window had some lovely teapots on display and once I was inside Chris told me that  I could pick one out for my birthday! What a treat!  I finally chose a cast iron one as I did not have one in my collection and felt that I was missing out somehow.  Chris helped me choose and I think we got the perfect one.



P1020124Of course the entire store was enchanting with the smells of herbs and teas wafting through the air and I was thrilled to be able to take a few pictures to share with my readers.  I think you will see why I loved the store so much.


Miniature Teapots

White teapots


Basic and functional teapots


My Mr. Diamond paying Patricia for my sweet red cast iron teapot.


Lovely display case topped with cast iron teapots.


A wall of tea!


So many choices!


Even goodie tea stands to serve lovely tea accompaniments.


More views of cast iron pots and others for sale.


I love to find great stores like this one with wonderful owners like Patricia who take the time to make sure that the customer has a wonderful experience.  Make sure you stop and check out this fabulous shop if you are ever in the Galena area. Tell them I sent you.


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  1. I’ve had a red tea kettle on my stove for 20+ years. The one you found is just perfect!

  2. Fun! I love Galena and I love that cast iron teapot!!

  3. I love tea, and your birthday teapot looks adorable.

  4. That’s a beautiful teapot. Hope you had a wonderful 28th birthday:)

  5. Happy Happy Birthday to you! Love the newest teapot! 🙂

  6. Now THAT’S a Teapot Tuesday! I love it! And I can’t tell you how much I like your new pot–especially the texture. And it’s perfect for you–it’s RED! So sorry I missed your birthday. A belated happy one to you!

    Hugs from Ecuador,

  7. And how many hours were you in this shop? That’s what I want to know. Seriously, what a unique teapot you got and in your favorite color, too.

    Galena is on my must-see list. My mom calls it her favorite place.

    • Really was not in there for hours if you can believe it. It was a fun store and we just skimmed the surface so there is more for next trip. I agree with your mom that it is on my top places to visit. I always enjoy the shops and the architecture.

      • Alright, whatever you say. Maybe an hour?

        You know how much I love historic architecture. How does Galena compare to say, Decorah?

        • Probably it is right up there but even more so because it is probably larger than what Decorah is. Not sure of the size of either but there is so much history in both places. Chris and I walked the back streets, too, and discovered there is much more than the main drag. There are a lot of Bed and Breakfast places and it draws a lot of Chicago folks so it is pretty popular. You guys need to put that on your list of places to go someday!

  8. Oh my what a neat teapot – love the red color too! How in the world did you ever make a selection with so many choices! Love it.

    • Chris was very helpful in picking one out and since I did not have a cast iron one he thought that was a good one to get. He was right, as always!

  9. Beth Ann, I don’t know HOW you were able to make a decision, seeing all those lovely, interesting tea pots displayed so beautifully! Perhaps Mr. Diamond helped??

  10. That shop looks amazing! I love the teapot you chose!

  11. It’s perfect! I love the blue ones I see there. I already have blue mugs too.

  12. Virginia says:

    Leslie and I just had tea together at the Cozy Tea Room here in Jacksonville! Wish you could have joined us!

  13. I was about to say the same thing about the Cozy Tea Room.

  14. I have been to the store. It’s lovely and fun And now we both have cast iron tea pots. Mine is black. (Christmas Tea Pot from Cole). I love the red and the numbs. One question. How did Chris know you wanted a tea pot for your birthday? Very clever sleuth….

    • He is clever, I tell you. Very clever. 🙂 I told him when I picked it out that I needed one like Katybeth! Now we can be twinsies.

  15. Nice new pot!

  16. Wow – that shop looks custom made for you; sweet looking place, and I love your birthday teapot!

  17. Debbie Smith says:

    So many beautiful teapots: ) I think I could spend hours in there! Thanks for sharing all your lovely pictures…

  18. Ann Pillsbury says:

    Makes me want to visit and shop.

  19. You picked the perfect teapot for your BD gift. Everyone needs one cast iron teapot in their collection. I love shops like this as well.

  20. I never knew that cast iron teapots existed! Of course, I’m still new to the tea arena 😉 Love the shape, colour, and textures! Enjoy your birthday cuppa!

  21. Cool pictures Beth Ann and it looks like a great place to visit and get lost in. your cast iron teapot is awesome. I had no idea they made cast iron teapots. I couldn’t help but notice in the picture where Mr. Diamond is purchasing the teapot all the little bottles. I have been looking for essential oils of great quality, lavender actually. Thought they might be oils. I am going to click on your link. Good Morning!

    • I am sure she has them but she does not do mail order at all. I have a friend who is in the candle and soap business and if you can’t find something I can always ask her where she gets hers if you want..

      • Thanks Beth Ann. I did find a small bottle yesterday at a health food store. I am going to see how it works today. I want to sprinkle a few drops on the furnace/ac filter and see if it makes the whole house smell wonderful!!!! I had no idea there was such a difference in the quality of essential oils.

  22. Leslie says:

    I love the tea pot and I love tea. It’s the perfect drink to have while reading.

  23. Happy birthday! A wonderful teapot, as always!

  24. Jennifer says:

    A lot of those look like they came from Teavana!


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