Pet Celebrities!

You can find anything on the internet.  You can especially find anything on Etsy.  I have extolled the wonders of Etsy before and have shared with you all of the wonderful shops that I have found —especially on this post.  Well, wonder of all wonders–I found yet another shop to add to my favorites and add something to my wish list.  I am telling you all so you can all start working on it ….

The shop is called Pet Celebrities and is GENIUS, in my humble opinion.   For $250 the artist will paint an acrylic 16 x 20  portrait of your favorite celebrity WITH YOUR PET!  It can be anyone!!!  WITH YOUR PET!  The sky is the limit!!!

So of course I would have to have Buddy and Holly painted  WITH Buddy Holly!!! How awesome would that be????  I mean, think about it!!!  Buddy and Holly WITH Buddy Holly!!!

I know I am getting a bit too excited about this but how cool would this be???  So start thinking of how you are going to help me fund this because it is going to happen!  And I imagine that with 2 pets the cost would be double so that is going to take some doing!

Wikipedia image

Another update—Buddy went to the vet this week and he seems to be doing well—his breathing is still a little fast but nothing like it was before when he first diagnosed with chylothorax.  I have found a great lady who will come give him his meds when I am gone and now I feel like I can ease up on that a bit and let him go a couple of days without it if need be.   For a cat that almost 6 months ago we thought was not going to make it he has rebounded remarkably well and still runs and plays and aggravates his sister so all is happy in the Chiles household!!! Thanks for all the kind words and prayers for him!!!

Comments for a Cause for Operation Shower ends today so tune in tomorrow for the results AND the new cause!! It’s a great one!

UPDATE:  As I have been messaging Ruth Marcus back and forth to get permission to use her painting above on my blog she has been so wonderful and helpful!!! She will also do smaller versions on paper so I may just be able to achieve this someday!!!  🙂  You can see more of her work here!!!!  What a great idea!!!


  1. yeah for buddy… it is amazing how strong cats are… It is almost a year since Alex had his tail amputated, and I never honestly expected to have another year with my sweet boy…

  2. That’s good news about Buddy. I have no idea what celebrity I would choose. Good luck!

    • Haha!!! I just got permission from the owner of the site to use her painting so I added her photo of Spock with a kitty to it—-makes the post even better in my humble opinion. 🙂

  3. Amy Prentice says:

    So glad to hear Buddy is doing well! I love the idea of the painting! I do not know who would have painted with my Snickers and Kitkat……lol maybe Willy Wonka! But you definitely need to have Buddy Holly…..that would be awesome!!!!

  4. I think that’s great news for Buddy and the Chiles household…50 cents more.. chaching.

  5. pattisj says:

    I pick you for my favorite celebrity, now I need to talk hubby into a pet…

  6. How fun! Sounds like a great idea. And I didn’t realize your cats were names after Buddy Holly–call me dense. I invariably miss the obvious–or so Sara says! LOL

    • Yep–they are indeed. I named them before I even got them! We moved to Mason City and that is where the airport is of his last flight before he crashed…..I wanted a girl and a boy kitty and figured those would be perfect names! And they fit their personalities tho they have lots of variations on their names depending upon the day. 🙂

  7. I know exactly how you feel about wanting a painting. In April I was chosen to participate in a poet-artist collaboration. An artist created a watercolor painting based on a poem I wrote. I loved her painting of home-canned goods and so wanted it for my home. But, alas, it cost $490 and it is not in my home.

    Good luck in your efforts to get this Buddy Holly painting.

    • That is so neat that you had a painting done from a poem you wrote!!! That is so neat!!! The price tag is a little much, I agree!!! I think I may be able to get this one because she does smaller watercolors so I am going to check those out!!! How cool would that be??? 🙂

  8. Helen Brown says:

    What next with you? You know me. I would never spend that much for a picture. I did buy one at an art show which was a very good one but it did not cost that much. Of course that was several years ago. I still really am glad I bought it.

  9. Love, love, love this idea. I hope, you get it done and show off the end result. Good luck!!!

    • Thanks, Susi!! It will happen because she has some less expensive options!!! And she said she would do both kitties for one price!!! 🙂

      • That’s great news. There are still nice people out there who care about their customers. 🙂 So happy for you. I’m trying to think which celebs I would pick for my pets…

        • She is REALLY nice!!! It is going to happen! I think it is such a fun idea!!!! And she is very talented from the examples she has on her website!

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