Surf’s Up–2

Last week I posted about our winter time visit to The Surf Ballroom and Museum in Clear Lake, Iowa.   It is a pretty amazing place but I saved the best part, in my humble opinion, for this post. We did not even know that this existed when we have been to The Surf for various concerts including BB King and Chicago.  But it is there and the very best part of the entire place.  I could have spent hours in the "green room" alone. For decades performers have been leaving their mark on the … [Read more...]

Surf’s Up!

When Chris was "between jobs" we tried to take in some of the sights around the area that we had not really seen.  We ate in some new to us restaurants and tried to immerse ourselves in all things Iowa.  One of our first stops was to visit The Surf Ballroom and Museum again.  We have been there for various concerts but had never really been able to visit in the light of day. I would highly recommend this to anyone who happens to find themselves near Clear Lake, Iowa.  It is an absolute fun way … [Read more...]

Andy Winds Down His Iowa (and more) Adventure

It is time to send Andy on his way.  I must admit I have hung on to him a tad bit longer than I probably should have but hey----we had a lot to do and see!!!  Andy is going to be heading out to British Columbia next and will be staying with Darlene who writes over at Darlene Foster's Blog.  You will definitely want to check it out.  Don't forget Andy's mama---Lenore --over at Lenore's Thoughts Exactly---she is the one who started this, after all!!!  We had a good time with Andy and will be sad … [Read more...]

Pet Celebrities!

You can find anything on the internet.  You can especially find anything on Etsy.  I have extolled the wonders of Etsy before and have shared with you all of the wonderful shops that I have found --especially on this post.  Well, wonder of all wonders--I found yet another shop to add to my favorites and add something to my wish list.  I am telling you all so you can all start working on it .... The shop is called Pet Celebrities and is GENIUS, in my humble opinion.   For $250 the artist will … [Read more...]

What Every Mother Desires

Chris and I have a tradition on Mother's Day.  The boys used to be a part of it although Aaron says he has no memory of this being our tradition so I guess it wasn't a very good one!!!  Church followed by a picnic which usually involved a drive through at Kentucky Fried Chicken.  Maybe not that healthy but it was what I always wanted to do. By Mother's Day you could usually count on the weather being fairly decent in whatever state we were in so it was a win win.   Add to it the gift of flowers … [Read more...]

Buddy Holly to be honored with Hollywood star on his birth anniversary

      Go Buddy Holly!!!  He is getting his own star!!!  And why, do you ask, am I so happy?  Because I loved Buddy Holly BEFORE I moved to Mason City, IA---home of the airport where his plane crashed after take off......a talent lost far too early.  Buddy Holly to be honored with Hollywood star on his birth anniversary. … [Read more...]

Gonna Have To Do Some DNA Testing at the House Today!

Can you do that on a cat?  I am not sure.  And I am not sure that I actually want to follow through with it, anyway.  I have narrowed the culprit down to either one of two--Buddy or Holly.  Don't be too impressed by my Nancy Drew abilities --I have two cats so I know it had to be one of the two!! So I got up this morning and was getting all prepared for my Friday adventures when I decided there is no time like the present to do the daily cat scoopage duties.  Now it is not one of my favorite … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday

  Thanks to Java from Never Growing Old blog for the Wordless Wednesday is my contribution! … [Read more...]