Is It A New Landmark ? Nope–A New Birdfeeder!!!

Many of you know of my ongoing battle ….the battle between feeding the birds and feeding all of the other wildlife that seems to want to be a part of the Chiles household.  We get them all—-squirrels, chipmunks, deer and the occasional rabbit who eats what the others have kicked out.  I have chronicled my fight over the years and blogged about it.

Finally I gave up and designated the winter birdbath to feed them….not sure the neighbors were thrilled but the deer were happy.

Then I read an article that said that feeding them in the winter was not good because their bodies could not handle the corn when they were in the winter months and not used to eating that richly.  Sigh.  I may be to blame for a declining deer population in Iowa…..but I sincerely doubt it.  We still have plenty.  Just last night a lone doe came through the yard which set the cats into hunting mode.  Like they would know what to do with a deer!!!

The squirrels were the crafty ones….always there right when the birdfeeders got filled up.  Cleaning them out and gorging on sunflower seeds till they looked as if they would explode.  They were quite bold, especially this fella that seemed to fall asleep while eating.

My husband, being the wonderful man that he is, totally surprised me this year on my birthday with a super duper bird feeder.  I had no idea what was in the box.  Well, imagine my surprise when I unwrapped Wild Bill’s Squirrel Zapping feeder!!!

A thing of beauty, is it not??? But wait…there’s more!!!


Yep—run on a 9 volt battery!!!  That little baby will deliver a “gentle” shock to any squirrel who ventures in to the 24 hour dining stations!   Hahahahha!! Don’t tell PETA—I will probably get reported!!!  It did say a gentle shock…..

So birdfeeder assembled and we are ready for installation…….Chris goes to town….


Buddy and Holly love to watch the birds so of course they were on hand to watch the installation –from the safety and security of the sunroom, of course. They are pampered indoor pets, after all.

Finally it is ready…….but after getting it mounted on the pole in a makeshift fashion it was decided that yes….we really did need to spend MORE money in order to get the mounting bracket. Sigh.   It looked dorky (sorry, Chris) and the top would blow off at the slightest gust of Iowa wind.

So back to Amazon Victto order the kit and more time passes before the perfect solution  to the most awesome birdfeeder in the world.  Most definitely the best one in the neighborhood!!

Of course once the mount came it was too big to fit in the pole that Chris had already put in the ground—-so a little more work and last night—VICTORY!  The bird feeder is in place….

$$$$$$$$  and 100 pounds of bird food later and we are in business for the birds!!!!!!   It has 3 separate compartments so my feathered friends can dine in style on their choice of sunflower seeds, nyjer seeds, or wild bird seed mix.   Now they need to start coming.   Or I will be sad.   This morning in my zeal to see if anyone was feeding I kicked over my coffee cup…..I told you—-I am excited about this!!!   So excited that the java hit the floor.  😦

I will let you know how this works out…..if nothing else it will be a good point of reference for low flying planes !!!!!


  1. Faithful Hubbie says:

    Great photos. Glad you are happy with the mother of all bird feeders….


    “The Hub”

  2. Did Steven Spielberg design it? It looks like it came right out of Star Wars. Does it talk too? (it should) Oh, and don’t forget to have Chris install the strobe light for those low flying planes. lol

    Have a serendipitous Saturday,

    • It is crazy wild, isn’t it??? And the good thing is that there have been birds in it today already!!! Woo hoo! Now refilling it is going to be the challenge!!!

  3. You have a kind heart….giving food for wild animals is such generous act.

    That picture with the squirrel is amazing

  4. Love seeing the pictures of your wildlife in your yard. Here I thought that was so nice of you to feed the deer through the winter! Chris put in a lot of work and money for that fancy bird feeder, hope the birds use it and I’m betting on the squirrels that they will find a way around the shocker or at least be tough enough to take it.

    Looks like Buddy and Holly will have some good cat TV coming soon.

    I really like squirrels. Great picture of the one on your bird feeder! I have a sweatshirt with advice from a squirrel that’s very cute:

    • Thanks!!! The birds are already using it and I am thinking that the squirrels we grow here in Iowa are of hardy stock and most likely will take the shock to get at the seed. But I want to see them shimmy up the pole!!!!

  5. Helen Brown says:

    Hooray for a son-in-law who keeps my daughter happy! I cannot believe that squirrel is sleeping and not falling off.

  6. Yayyy!

    I know the feeling about the squirrels. We usually only feed the birds in the winter. But the squirrels are a nuisance. (The poor little guys are hungry too.) I’ve shopped at Wild Birds before. We actually have a store here. I love it.

    Great pictures.

    • Thanks!!! I love all wildlife but was getting a little peaved as the deers and squirrels were emptying out the feeders and there was nothing for the birds! I started taking some of them in at night which was work. Now hopefully I won’t have that issue with my massive one!!! Thanks for stopping by!! Have been enjoying your blog!!!


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