Last Chance

Today is the final day to make Comments for a Cause for the National Down Syndrome Society!!!!   I think this is going to be my best month for comments yet and I am very excited!!!!   The more comments made this month on any of my lame, uninspired  awesome posts the more I will donate to NDDS  And by "I" I mean my husband since he is the current bread winner in the family.  But he is behind me---right there with a huge loaf of french bread. :-)  So comment away....find a post and leave a … [Read more...]

When I Grow Up

Decided to jump into a blog prompt offered over at The Lightning and The Lightning-Bug today where the Dare to Share is to write about your dream job and what you hoped to become when you grew up.  I was feeling a little dry uninspired after my 1000th blog post yesterday so I thought I would hop on this bandwagon and see what I could come up with. Thanks to the ladies over there for this great prompt!!!  Got me thinking for sure!!! Enjoy! When I was little my dream was to be a nurse.  Dressed … [Read more...]

1000th Post!!! Let’s Celebrate!!!!!

Can you believe it??? I certainly can't !!! My 1000th post!!!   Woo hoo!!!!   And that means a celebration!!!! When I started this blog way back in March 2008 it was just to chronicle our travel and our eventual move to Australia for the family and close friends.  What I did not know was that it would suck me in.  I would soon become addicted  passionate to write posts!   I have always dabbled in writing and while I know that I am not a real writer this has given me an opportunity to get … [Read more...]

Giant Red Footed Monster

    I got creeped out today.  Not an every day occurrence.  I am usually fairly unflappable.  I am the one that strangers talk to without encouragement.  I am the one who is accepting and welcoming and approachable.  But I am also the one who got creeped out today.  And by what???  I guess what would be more accurate would be by whom???  Well, let me tell you. I was getting our delicious dinner of turkey lasagna, caprese salad and brussel sprouts prepared and there was a … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday Strikes Again!

                        Thanks to Create with Joy for the Wordless Wednesday blog hop today! … [Read more...]

If It’s Tuesday It Must Be Time for Teapots—Again!

I have barely made a dent in my collection!!  Here we are with another lovely teapot from my collection. This one was from my husband and is my one and only Wedgewood teapot.  And I love it!!! It is not the traditional blue that you think of when you think of Wedgewood and maybe that is why I love it so much!!!   Let me know what you think!  Other than the fact that I really need to work on taking better pictures!!!  LOL       … [Read more...]

Writer’s Block

Just not feeling it this morning. The words aren't there.  The humorous anecdotes are nowhere to be found.  The witty words are non existent.  Feeling a little dried out this morning so it seems like the perfect time to post some pictures that Chris and I took at the Butterfly House that we visited at Put in Bay in June.  Enjoy!!! … [Read more...]

Resurrection –7 Days–Give or Take

Someone up there is messing with me.   Seriously.  I don't need drama in my life now.  I have enough, thank you very much!  (I really don't but I wanted you all to feel sorry for me!)   You all know the story about Smiley the Hermit Crab.  If you don't or need your memory refreshed check out my blog post on this day.    It was a miracle.  The neatest thing ever.  Smiley even left me an I love you message in the mint where I had banished his empty shell...or so I thought. Today I came home to … [Read more...]

Comments for A Cause Continues

  Yes--I love alliteration!!!  Just wanted to remind everyone that there are 10 DAYS left this month to make a comment for the National Down Syndrome Society!  For each comment made on any post this month I will donate 50 cents to this great organization.  You can read more about it here and my tribute to my brother in law, Carlton, here. The response has been wonderful and many have shared stories with me of their loved ones which have touched my heart.  Check out the comments … [Read more...]

Underwearness – helping children one pair at time! (via Sunflowerslady)

My friend, Sendie Lou, over at Sunflowerslady is running a 5 K and I am so excited about her cause that I had to repost her blog! Please read and donate !!! What a great cause and what a great way to make a difference!!! Let’s drop our drawer and run wild! I will (attempt) to run a 5K marathon tomorrow to support this awesome non profit group to support their mission. Most of the time in life, when we think of helps, we only thought of their basic necessity, and there is nothing wrong with … [Read more...]