Happy Flag Day!!!!

Two posts in one day but I would be remiss if I did not add my thoughts about Flag Day.  Today we went to Put In Bay and had the pleasure of going to see Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial.  It is a pretty neat thing even if it is under restoration right now. More on that later.  The coolest thing was that they were retiring two flags today and the park rangers conducted a pretty neat ceremony.  They fly an English, Canadian and US flag there and it was very cool to watch them … [Read more...]

If It’s Tuesday It Must Be Teapot Day

A recent Ebay acquisition---no special meaning or significance other than I liked the Mad Hatter!!!  Now I need to look for more Alice in Wonderland themed pots!!!!  Help me out if you see any!!! If you want to be a part of a really neat and fun thing hop on over to Poems and Ponderings by Jake.  He is creating a story ---one sentence at a time.  Read what is up so far and add your sentence to the comments and Jake will include it ---if he deems it worthy  :-)    Pretty fun little exercise … [Read more...]