Is It A New Landmark ? Nope–A New Birdfeeder!!!

Many of you know of my ongoing battle ....the battle between feeding the birds and feeding all of the other wildlife that seems to want to be a part of the Chiles household.  We get them all----squirrels, chipmunks, deer and the occasional rabbit who eats what the others have kicked out.  I have chronicled my fight over the years and blogged about it. Finally I gave up and designated the winter birdbath to feed them....not sure the neighbors were thrilled but the deer were … [Read more...]

I am Losing the Battle…..

I am about to throw in the towel with the bird feeders! Between the deer, the huge crows that threaten to carry me off every time I am outside, and now the squirrels I am going through birdseed like I am Fleet and Farm! Good golly it is nuts! Today I caught the culprit who emptied my feeder overnight I think. Cute and very brave--brave enough that I walked right up to him and snapped his picture while he was snacking. He finally left after I talked to him for awhile and the … [Read more...]