If It’s Tuesday It Must Be Teapot Day!!! #9

Today's teapot from my massive collection (which has grown a bit over the past couple of weeks because I have found some really great ones I will be sharing with you later) comes from a department store when we lived in Pennsylvania.  I think it was actually Dillards or some such store.  I fell in love with it because it reminded me of It's A Small World---that song that gets stuck in your head at Disney when you are waiting for hours in line.  Yea---YOU know what I am talking about if you have … [Read more...]

Thank You!

Today I hope that as you BBQ and spend time with family and friends that you take a moment to say thank you for the service of all of those who have served our country, who are currently serving or who will be serving in the future.  No one can really understand what these men and women have sacrificed, the things that that they have seen that will be forever etched in their memories, and the pride that they have felt as they have proudly been a part of something that is a wonderful symbol of … [Read more...]

I Had a Surprise Party Going on in My Head

Today I woke up to a surprise party going on in my head.  Really, I did!!!   I had awoken early and did not get up but fell back asleep.  And that is when it happened.   My most vivid dream of late.   I was with my family--mom and sister and her hubby included--at some vacation type place which was undetermined.  All I know is this.   My sister was dressed in Little House on the Prairie style clothing in preparation for going to church.   Now she IS a pastor but as far as I know we have not … [Read more...]

Friday Fill Ins Mid Way Through the Day!

I have been a smidge bit busy lately.   Traveling, a wonderful visit from my sister and then more travel and I have been off of my bloggy routine.  Please please forgive me!!   I have a giveaway in the works so stay tuned...it may post tomorrow....so again I say....stay tuned!! I am going to play along with Hilary today and do her Friday Fill Ins and link to Java at Never Growing Old.   Better late than never, right??? Here it goes: Each week, Hilary lists  four statements with a blank … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday

Our food number table marker at the restaurant at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston.  Pretty cool, huh??? … [Read more...]

If It Is Tuesday It Must Be Teapot Day–#8

Today's teapot features a teapot that I picked out when we visited Canada one time.  I just liked it because it had animals on it and was kind of a safari theme!  Enjoy!!! Cute guy on the lid, don't you think???? Check out the little feetsies!!! And finally the back!!!! … [Read more...]

Bagels and More—Meet Me on Monday!

Joining in on the blog hop today from Never Growing Old today where Java posts 5 questions for all of us to answer and share with each other!!!  Gotta do it today and let you guys all know my favs!!!  Here are the questions!! 1.  What is your favorite bagel flavor? 2.  If you had an extra $100 right now, what would you spend it on? 3.  What is the last thing that you felt guilt about doing? 4.  Soft serve ice cream or hand dipped? 5.  Are you allergic to anything? 1.  Favorite bagel … [Read more...]

Is That a Butt or a Shoulder??

I am anxiously awaiting the visit of my nephew and his friend tomorrow---they are on a whirlwind trip from New Mexico and are going to be logging a lot of miles over the next 2 weeks or so.  Chris and I were thrilled that he wanted to stop here and the really weird thing is that his mom, my sister, is also here!!!  Now we just have not had a lot of visitors here in Iowa since we have been here.  I can count them on 2 fingers.  Yep, in the 4 years since we have been here we have had a total of 2 … [Read more...]

Invasion of the Critters

As many of you know I am spending time time with Aaron this week.  We have had a great time.  Today I ironed.  And ironed.  And ironed.  And ironed some more.  I am happy to do it for him but I wonder if he saves it up for my visits.  Hmmmmm. Since he just moved into a new townhouse he is still a little unorganized in his new place. There is still some stuff at the old place and since he is such a busy guy it is hard to get it all moved .   He will get there and he basically has it all done … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday

I "think" they were saving a parking place for someone... Thanks, Java, at Never Growing Old for the blog hop today! And a late link up to Life with the Dietrich's … [Read more...]