My Favorite Things Week—Graze


Can you believe it is the final day of My Favorite Things Week here at It’s Just Life????   Well it is and how have I made it all week without including a single food item?   Today I change that.

There are a lot of food sampling subscription services that are available now.  I have tried several and right now my favorite one is Graze.  Graze is a fabulous way to sample some snacks that are not your usual chips and dip.  The offerings include savory and sweet, crunchy and soft, exotic and tasty.  There is something for everyone.


The selections arrive in a cute little box with 4 tasty options hiding inside.  You can request that the boxes be shipped weekly or every two weeks when you subscribe.  You can also go through all of the offerings and select what you would like to receive in your personal Nibblers box. There is also a lower calorie option box called the Calorie Counter box.

I have loved receiving these in the mail. They are not huge portions so that is another thing that I like—a little portion control is a good thing in my life.  P1030352

For the final day of My Favorite Things Week I will send one box of 4 “nibblers” to the winner who will be randomly selected .  All you need to do to enter is leave a comment in the comment section as to what your favorite snack is.  That will automatically enter you in the drawing for this little box of goodness.  All winners of all 7 giveaways will be announced on my Oct 2nd blog post and will be shipped out immediately to the winners.  If you haven’t entered all of the giveaways you still have time.

I did not receive anything from Graze in exchange for this giveaway. I just love their products and wanted to share with you! However, if you are interested in getting a subscription of your own you can use my code  BETHC8WQP  and I will earn rewards.  You also will be able to get your first and fifth boxes free if you sign up using that code by going here.  But of course—absolutely no obligation to do so and you are all welcome to enter the giveaway by simply leaving a comment.

What did you think of My Favorite Things Week?  I hope you have shared with your friends by using the social media buttons at the bottom of the post. Remember sharing is caring!

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  1. I, personally, have loved your week of sharing your favorites with us! These snacks look really yummy, and I agree about small portions.
    My favorite snack (right now) is Special K Popcorn Chips. I guess they MIGHT be a little healther than some other snacks….unfortunately, I have a problem with portion control…..
    Have a GREAT weekend!

  2. How cool! I’ve never heard of anything like this. Happy Saturday, Beth Ann.

  3. They all look yummy! If there’s anything my lil ones can do well, is Graze!

  4. Your Favorite Things Week has been so much fun! I’ve really enjoyed seeing what new thing you were going to show us each day especially because they all were just that — new to me things! This ‘new thing’ looks particularly yummy. And again I know someone who would love this idea — my oldest daughter and son-in-law. They love to travel and try different foods, so this would be right up their alley. I’m putting this on my possible Christmas gift list for them.

    • Oh I am so glad you liked it! I just was not sure how it would be received and even if we don’t have a huge list of people who have been reached I feel like I have at least reached some of the most important people like you! Yippee! These really are fun little things to get in the mail every week ! Thanks again for the kind words.

  5. What a fantastic idea. I like cashews and it looks like they have them on their site. I want to investigate further. 🙂

  6. I tried to sign up for it but it won’t accept my postal code. I wonder if it’s because they’re in England?

  7. I have never heard of this before. I love learning about something new. Thanks!

  8. Hmmm, caramel dipping sauce.. (picture a thought bubble here).. I’m thinking BBQ sauce. Perhaps a vinegar based Carolina sauce with just a touch of caramel.. Or a St. Louis style maybe.. Now you know why they don’t want me doing the cooking around here.

  9. I love Graze and recently switched to NatureBox and would love another Graze!

  10. Sandy Evans says:

    I have saw Graze and thought about trying it but I haven’t yet. My favorite snack is dark chocolate! Love it!

  11. Hello Beth Ann… reading your favorite things this week has been awesome. I do feel like I’m cheating though, I still have a couple more years to get caught up on. I still will. I am living vicariously through your blog. Please tell Chris hi. Have a great rest of your weekend.

    • Hey Mary– thanks for stopping by! Glad you liked this week’s posts! I can’t believe you are reading all the posts—- I don’t think anyone else has. Thanks! Chris is home next weekend— can’t wait!

  12. Yummy!!! I am bound and determined to try graze. 🙂 I tho k I’m gonna bf to give up Ipsy to try it out.

  13. Chocolate Pecan Pie, now that’s my idea of grazing! LOL My current favorite snack is Second Nature Dark Chocolate Medley.

  14. I have enjoyed your favorite things! Learned some new things.. 🙂 My favorite snack.. a chocolate chip cookie 😀

  15. Favorite snack is probably trail mix, as long as there’s some chocolate in it.

  16. Helen Brown says:

    Your are making me hungry.

  17. I’ve never heard of a food sampling service, but I like it! How can you go wrong with snacks? You can’t!

  18. I hadn’t heard of Graze before. Thanks for introducing me to this service. Portion control is a good thing! 🙂 A friend of mine receives a Nature Box which sounds like a similar snack subscription.
    Which nibbler was your favorite treat?

    • I have tried Nature Box, too. They are bigger snacks and I am kind of partial to the smaller Graze ones now. My favorite? That is a hard one. I really like their popping corn. And any of the nut and fruit offerings are really yummy. Oh and the flapjacks….those are tasty. So yeah—all of them! 🙂

  19. This looks really interesting, but if I found something I really liked it would be difficult to only have a small portion.


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