North Iowa Bloggers + Oreos = Sugar High

Oreos Collage

You might have heard the moans and groans on Thursday night coming from my humble abode.  My fabulous group of North Iowa Bloggers (at least some of our ever growing wonderful group) got together at my house to celebrate the fall birthdays.  What started out as a birthday celebration for 4 ladies morphed into much more.

Someone spied some oddly flavored Oreos in a store and since we all had so much fun with the Lay’s Chip Tasting not too long ago I offered the challenge to the group that we just include a taste testing of Oreos during the birthday bash.  And so it began.

We had a total of 8 different kinds of Oreo’s to sample (two kinds of Birthday Cake ones which seemed appropriate since we were celebrating birthdays, after all).  I set up the little tasting/ voting table and after we ate dinner we sampled! (We were not a part of any sponsored event by the Oreo folks–did this all on our own just for the scientific research. )

The contestants!  Top Row: Vanilla Birthday Cake, Chocolate Birthday Cake, Caramel Apple, Pumpkin Spice.   Bottom Row: Cookie Dough, Root Beer, Berry and Peanut Butter

The contestants! Top Row: Vanilla Birthday Cake, Chocolate Birthday Cake, Caramel Apple, Pumpkin Spice.
Bottom Row: Cookie Dough, Root Beer, Berry and Peanut Butter

The expressions were priceless. The comments were memorable. The trash can started filling up. We were giddy. (Maybe that was just me.)

Oreo tastingThe voting was done by smiley face stickers, of course.  Our friends #FlatDonna and #FlatLaura presided over the table of Oreos as you can see from the picture below.

Flats and Trash


The results were in.  The votes stickers were cast.  Number one choice was the Peanut Butter Oreos.  A close second was the Caramel Apple flavor, The only other flavor getting any votes at all was the Birthday Cake flavor with one sad little lone smiley face.

What did we take away from this taste testing experience?  A stomach ache.  Seriously.  Too much sugar is not a good thing and even though we just ate bites of each flavor it was too much.  Ugh.  Sugar overload is not a good thing.

The favorites were sort of predictable. What was not predictable was how badly some of the other ones tasted.  The berry was not liked by anyone although I had to admit it did not totally disgust me.  I liked the root beer flavor but no one else did.  The pumpkin spice flavor was a tad disappointing to me although it did look like pumpkin.  Just didn’t taste enough like pumpkin to warrant a vote.

I remembered that I had done a post about Oreo’s before.  I had almost forgotten about it but I had tried these delights shipped to me straight from Japan a couple years ago.

green tea oreos

Yes, Green Tea Oreo Sticks and Banana Oreos.  You will have to click here to find out what I thought about these offerings.
banana oreos

A high school friend told me about Ramen Oreo’s.  Yes–you read that right!  But after checking it out it appears that it is a made up flavor where 3 guys test “Will It Cookie?”.  They actually put Ramen on top of the regular Oreo cookie.  The video definitely  has some not G rated parts so I will not post it but you can click the link if you want to go view it.  I am going to burst everyone’s bubble here because the real story is that these, Broccoli, Beer and Bourbon Oreos, as well as Doughnut Oreos were all a part of a Celebrate National Junk Food Day created by MTV.    Not that Nabisco has not come up with some interesting flavors on their own—just not quite THAT interesting.

I can’t say enough about these North Iowa Blogger friends I have made.  We are all different but we all share a love of social media, blogging and writing, cooking and obviously eating!!!  You just don’t know where we are going to turn up next.  Honestly.   A Pumpkin Patch?   A Street Dance?  A Drive In Restaurant? Eating Chicken?  A Filling Station? We are having fun and making memories.  I am so blessed by my friendships with all of my real and “imaginary” friends and these ladies (and one guy I have yet to meet in person) are fabulous in every way.

So—if you had something that you wanted us to taste test—what would it be?  We are always open to a challenge.  I’ll provide the place–you provide the ideas!!!

Don’t forget that last week’s giveaways are still good to comment on until late on October 1st!  7 days of fun things!  All winners will be chosen by random number generator and all you have to do is comment on the post to be entered.  Check out Saturday’s post for the complete list and links to each day’s post.  Comments for a Cause for the month goes to Bridges Mentoring with a new cause ready to be announced on October 1st!!! Stay tuned.


  1. omg! what fun…. I so wish I lived closer!

  2. Randy, Matt and I were trying to figure out what the flavors were of the left-over Oreos you brought to my house. We didn’t each taste each one, so we really could not judge fairly. But, for the most part, we were unimpressed. I did like the berry one, compared to the others I tried.

    Like you, I suffered a sugar high on Sunday from too many sweets.

    What a great group of bloggers you have.

  3. These taste test parties are so much fun and the testing station always facilitates easy voting:) One of my favorite parts is learning how our opinions vary. Someone will like what the other person hates which makes our posts unique.

  4. It sounds like fun Beth Ann! CH and I have found that we are loyal to just original old Oreos.. but always fun to try!!!

  5. It looks like you guys just have a riot! How about wine tasting? lol

  6. Now, that is a taste testing I would have enjoyed; except for the Rootbeer float.

  7. Jeanne Wilkins says:

    OMG, my stomach hurts just thinking about it again! Glad you gals are the ones doing ‘the good work’ if only to keep the rest of us safe!!!

  8. Thank you so much for hosting! The North Iowa Bloggers are a fun group of people -and if you are a blogger, join us, we’d love to have you!

  9. How much fun- If I was closer I would so want to join your blogger group! maybe I need to start my own here????

    • Go for it!!!! We have really had a lot of fun. This weekend I am going on an entire blogger weekend where we are going to have all kinds of fun things provided for us –then I get to write about it all and how wonderful will that be? Of course I am dragging Chris along…….that is a story in itself!!!

  10. I love the tasting parties, the people who attend them, and all the different posts that are the results!

  11. An Oreo hang-over. So wholesome, so funny, so tasty. Oreo’s are my favorite store bought cookies. I like birthday Oreos, I haven’t tried peanut butter oreos but I want too! FUN!

  12. I’m glad you all tested the Oreos so I didn’t have to. Our frozen yogurt place has peanut butter Oreo flavor, but I’ve never tried it. I like both things, not sure I’d like them together. You have a great group of blogging friends up there. Did I see you post somewhere that you got a new iPhone? I was wondering which you got. (If in fact you did get one.)

  13. I guessed right with the peanut butter one getting the most votes. I didn’t realize there were so many different fillings out there! Great info!

  14. What a fun group of women – love seeing my buddy Sara Broers in the photo!

  15. When you move on to the wine taste test – count me in!!

  16. It looks like a lot of fun. I am sad I missed it but glad I did not miss the sugar high. I’m so glad to be a part of the #NorthIowa bloggers.


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