My Favorite Things Week—Letters For My Little Sister


Every day this week I have shared one of my favorite things. Today is no different.  But today is different because I am over the top excited about the giveaway. Wait—I have loved everything I have posted this week but this one has a special place in my heart because I have a teeny tiny part in it.

My blogger friend, Cecilia Gunther, has a wonderful blog at The Kitchen’s Garden.  She is an amazing New Zealander living in Illinois on a sustainable farm.  She inspires me. Actually she inspires many and we are all part of The Fellowship .  letters

Awhile ago Cecilia explained that she wanted to pass some advice and information along to her little sister.  They lost their mom when they were young and as a result they didn’t have anyone to ask all of those “women questions”.  You know what I am talking about.  Cecilia asked The Fellowship to write letters or pieces of poetry about menopause and our experiences with it. What turned out as a little project morphed into something amazing and Cecilia decided to publish all of the contributions of 68 women in a book to share with the world.  The book: Letters For My Little Sister can be found here on Amazon.

Today I want to share that with YOU!  It is an amazing book.  It really is. This is my review of the book:

I have been a big fan of Cecilia B W Gunther for a few years after finding her blog through a friend. Her wisdom and sensitivity ooze from every thing that she writes and when she asked The Fellowship to help her write letters to her little sister about that dreaded word “menopause” I felt that I had to join the conversation. Little did I know the wonderful company that I would be keeping when I wrote my thoughts about what this time of my life has been.

I originally wanted to savor this book—to read each selection slowly and deliberately. To ponder the words. However once I began I just wanted to see what the next woman said, what her experiences were and what her take on menopause was. As a result the book that I had planned to linger over was read in 2 sittings.

I loved what each woman wrote. The poetry, the prose, the wit and the serious side of each experience comes through in technicolor and I found myself nodding my head in agreement many times. What is so wonderful about this compilation is that these are real women with real experiences that they have written down to share with the masses. Personal and intimate at times, moving and humorous, each woman weaves her story by using her own words to describe what this “season of life” has been.

This book is a wonderful collection—one that I am so very proud to have been able to have contributed to in a very small way. Even If I had not written a submission for it I would have gotten copies to share. After reading it through once I am convinced that every woman should have a copy—it is as varied as the women who wrote it and the women who will read it. I hope it will become a book that is shared and shared again because it is just that good.

Even if you do not think this is a book you “need” it is a great one to give as a gift to someone who might gain something from it. It is a wonderful book and I am thrilled to be a baby part of it.


To enter to win a signed copy (Cecilia did me a solid and signed my copies!) of this book just leave a comment in the comment section why you would like to win a copy. That’s it. No big form to fill out.  No “liking” on Facebook or following on Twitter.  Just a comment. A winner will be chosen by random number generater and announced on October 2nd. The bonus is that your comment will also go to help fund our Comments for a Cause this month–Bridges Mentoring.

Please don’t forget to share any way you like with all your friends.  You can use the social media buttons at the bottom of this post.  It is such a wonderful compilation and I would love to get it in the hands of every woman who might need some insight.

Don’t forget to stop by every post this week to comment and have a chance to win every one of My Favorite Things!

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful project and a wonderful book!

  2. This book looks fabulous! (And if I don’t win it in your give-away, it’s one that I will definitely order!)
    I love your idea of a week sharing your favorite things.

    • Dianna–it really is a great book. I am just amazed at the selections in it from all of these real wonderful women. They are all different but the same if that makes any sense.

  3. Now you really have my interest. Would love a copy of this book from The Fellowship, of which I am part, but not the book.

    Like you, I am a devoted fan of C and her Farmy and blog.

    • It is such a great little book, Audrey. I was hesitant to contribute but then I decided that I would just do it. Then she decided to make it into a book and that was so exciting. Now I have the book bug—maybe I need to blog out a year or so to make it happen, huh???

  4. Menopause experiences are as varied as the women who go through it and we all love to share our stories. It sounds like an interesting concept and a good read.

    • It is a really amazing collection—-this group of women who participated are all so varied and unique and the book reflects that. Hey—we will miss you on Thursdya. 😦 Catch you at the next get together!

  5. Great choice for the day, what an encouraging gift.

  6. Menopause…oh, what a time. I’m sooo glad to be through with that! But this book looks so very interesting and I’d love to read it.

  7. I may buy this book. I have a mother but not one I can go to as I head into that. I long to have someone to talk to about it.

  8. I can’t wait to read your portion!!

  9. The favourite things keep getting better and better. I would so love to win this book! (especially because you have a piece in it.)

  10. How neat that you got to be apart of this project!

  11. I have often thought blogging entries and the conversation that ensues should be captured in a book. What a heart warming story on a topic every woman experiences. I would love to read it.
    Sorry I’m late. I was out of town overnight to babysit GS and just saw this.
    Cecilia gave me advice several years ago, quite timely actually to mention again, about how to save my pecans from the squirrels. I’m quite grateful especially now as the pecans are green on the trees and I want to be able to save them soon when they fall to the ground.

    • Yes—I agree. As a matter of fact I have seriously considered making a “book” of some of my blog posts. It is just hard for me to get started, though. That is MY problem. I have the idea and just need to execute it. Cecilia is a pretty amazing woman in a lot of ways and I am so blessed to be part of the fellowship.

  12. You are published! This is a really great idea. I don’t know much about that time of life, but will want to be prepared:)

  13. A heartfelt book and such a thoughtful gesture from a big sister to a little sister. I love that she included all of you and then published to a wider audience. Congratulations.

  14. I am going to be ordering this book.. how could I not after that review. And always good to hear what other women have to say about menohhhhpause.. 🙂 Also you have a part in it.. have to read it!

  15. Looks like a good book!

  16. I love to read other women’s experiences. You never know when you’ll read exactly the thing you need to at that time.

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