My Favorite Things Week–Two Hands

shareasimageIt’s My Favorite Things Week and to make it even more fun for all of my great followers I am having a Giveaway every single day!  That’s right.  Every day the “favorite thing” that I am featuring is going to be given away randomly to one lucky reader (and commenter).  How can you not love that?

Today’s favorite thing is a little gadget that I found advertised someplace and I fell in love with it and already have given one as a gift to my sister.  When she would FaceTime with me she was always propping her iPad up on books or crafting containers or something and it just did not work.  Now she has the perfect thing !  Two Hands by Felix  is a great little product that does the holding for you.  Whether it is using your iPad to watch movies or FaceTime or to prop up your e-reader for no hands use it works.  Like a charm.



Little “hands” grip the edges of your iPad—and the stand keeps it in the exact position that you want it to be in!


P1030426It even works for e-readers.  I can keep my cover on mine and use it without a problem—and the iPad works that way as well.

P1030351So your chance to win one of these lovely extra set of hands (in black) is TODAY!   Just comment on this post and tell me anything about the product featured –why you like it, what you would do with it, who you would give it to, anything Two Hands related and your name will be entered in the drawing.  I will use a random number generator to determine the winner and ALL winners of the entire giveaway week will be announced on my October 2nd post.  Good luck!

Please feel free to share with your friends by using the social media sharing buttons at the bottom of this post.  Remember that each comment will help our Comments for a Cause, Bridges Mentoring.

I have not received any compensation of any kind for this post—-I just really love this product and want my readers to have a chance to have one, too!   

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It has been and will continue to be a busy fall.  I hope to be able to get some posts up next week following My Favorite Things Week about all the fun things I have been doing like going to a chicken hatchery, having a North Iowa Bloggers Party complete with Oreo tasting and going to a Farm Crawl.  Stay tuned!!!!



  1. Well, isn’t that a handy little gadget. I’m not sure it would work on my tablet, though. Can’t wait to hear about your week – especially the Farm Crawl!

  2. Over my head. Still have fountain pen, stamps and stationary.

  3. That is a cool idea! We have an iPad and a Paperwhite that would love to have those little hands! Eager to hear about you and the chicks!!!!

  4. I have not heard of this, but certainly have wished for this kind of thing (for all of the reasons you mentioned)! Amazing!

  5. You know me, if it makes reading even better, I’m in!

  6. That looks like it would be perfect for my kindle, my cover is getting a bit worn out and it has become a bit loose and it is becoming more “flexible” than I would like, especially when I’m using the drawing app.. And I love those little hands.. Oh, and I have and ipod too! Perfecto!

  7. Wow, that’s a clever little gadget! I can see using it on my ipad and also our kindle, but I think I’d give it to someone close to me who is expecting a baby. After the baby is born, I can just imagine her nursing/cuddling with the baby and this little device keeping her ipad propped up for her to see.

  8. Now that looks great! Where did you get it?

  9. I’m loving this and would use it in my kitchen for sure!!

  10. Oh, I clicked the link and see it’s on Amazon and very affordable. If I don’t win, I’m ordering one. Good tip!

  11. That’s a pretty cool gadget! I have a specific blogger in mind who is one of the most giving and kind people like yourself that I would surprise with this. Since I don’t have an i-pad or a reader.

  12. This is so neat!! I’ve never seen these but I can see how it’d be useful! 🙂

  13. No such electronic gadget in my house. But I could give it away if I win, right?

  14. Well, this is such a fabulous find. I already stuck one in my shopping cart. With as many gadgets as my household has, I can’t wait to try it out. (2 adults and 2 teens 😉 I really like knowing when something like this works and doesn’t break the first time its used. Thanks for the tip.

  15. I use my Felix hands all the time on my Nook. They are awesome!

  16. I’ve never got enough hands so two more would be a real help! I’m just over from Darlene Foster’s blog to say hi.

  17. Don’t see my post, may have gone wrong from phone. I did think this was cute and useful for today’s gadgets!

  18. I added this to my Holiday gift list – one for both my parents, a friend and Cole. It’s clever and useful. Thanks for sharing.

  19. This looks like a great idea!

  20. These are the kinds of things I really like!

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