Sunday Miracles

I found this video and to me it just shows the love that we can share with each other—young and old—if we only take the time to try to reach out to others. This woman is amazing to me—she continues to work with Gladys until she responds.   Watch to the end…..and have the kleenex box handy.


  1. That was amazing. truly heart-warming and uplifting.
    My husband is at work today, which leaves me with no car to get myself and kids to our church. When this happens, I prepare a Sunday School lesson for them at home. Today we learned about Joshua and The Big Wall: being Strong in the Lord; that He Will Not Fail Thee. We coloured shields of faith with our memory verse.
    And all that is great for my kids – but not really church for me.
    But here, now — I’ve been churched! 🙂
    No wall is insurmountable with God. He really does have all of us in His hands.

    • Yay!!!! Thanks for the sweet comment. Much better than gun control. 🙂 Geez. Who would have thought I would have had a “controversial” post? Not me!!! Happy day to you, Les!

  2. This makes me a little sad. Hubby’s grandma has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s related dementia a few months ago. Some days it’s really tough to see her and realize she’s not really there. But we are trying to make memories with her as long as we can and seeing the kids always makes her happy.

    • It was a little difficult to watch, I am sure. But to me it gives me hope that there is still some recognition and understanding even when “we” think there isn’t. You are making memories that are important and I am sure that even if your kids don’t “get it” right now someday they will understand that their visits brought much happiness.

  3. Mary Ellen says:

    I loved this video. It reminds of the times I was able to visit my dad in the nursing home in another state. He couldn’t speak clearly but by the twinkle in his eyes, you could see he understood. I will always be grateful for my sister who visited him almost every day for many years. They lived in the same city but it was still an amazing commitment. I’m sure he was happier because of her visits –and my brother as well who lived about 5 hours away.

    • So happy you liked it, I was weeping the entire time I watched it and when Chris clicked on it he said “oh no—this is another one of those ones that makes you cry” videos. Your family certainly showed a level of love for your parents that not everyone is capable of showing….your mom and dad raised you all well. 🙂 Miss you!

  4. That was amazing – I’ve never seen this kind of technique before & it’s truly inspirational. I have a lot of Alzheimer’s in my family. I hope this kind of therapy is widespread.

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