Pat Down, Fraud Alert, Jean Jackets, Automatic Toilets and Siri–A Few Things I Encountered Last Week

I just got home from a short trip to see family and beyond and as always there are stories.  It is what makes my life my life.  I can't make some of this stuff up, that is for sure.  A quick synopsis of a few things that I encountered during my week away. TSA has been unusually friendly to me the past few trips.  I know they are doing their jobs and I certainly would not want to have to go through what they experience much of the time.  Daily encounters with people who are not versed in … [Read more...]

Friday Blog Hop Time

Hilary from Feeling Beachie hosts a blog hop every Friday where we get to fill in answers to statements on our own blogs and share. This week I am the co host which sounds really important, doesn't it?   Just means I came up with a couple of statements to help her out.  If you have any good ones let her know by emailing her at She would love to hear from you! The statements are::  I am so___________for my ________________. ______________me, I … [Read more...]

A Wrong Turn, A Dead End Road and an Odd Discovery, Part 2

I introduced you to Rancho Z Deluxe in a previous post   I took so many pictures that I wanted to post more to show you what an interesting place this is.  Today's pictures show just a bit more of the unique garden that I stumbled upon.  Click on any image to initiate a slide show and view the pictures. … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday

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Teapot Tuesday

Today's teapot was a find in a great little resale store here in Mason City called Unique Repeats.  They have everything from fun furniture to vintage items including tons of teapots.  I definitely will be shopping here often to see what new items come in.  Great store with a wonderful staff---isn't it wonderful to find shops like that?   No markings at all on the bottom and the teapot appears to never have been used for actual tea making so I suspect it was on display in someone's home … [Read more...]

The Week in Review

I have had a fabulous week!!!!  My best friend in the whole wide world (Ann)  came to spend a week with me and we had a blast!  We started out with a day at the Mall of America and then had a great time spending time in Mason City, painting pottery, going to Cresco, Iowa to pick up the quilts that Doreen from Treadlemusic finished for me, going to a Chris Mann Concert at NIACC, and catching up for a lot of lost time.  Chris was the perfect hubby and tolerated our giggles and silliness and took … [Read more...]

Sunday Smiles

Smiles are everywhere! Find one of your own today! … [Read more...]


I do not need to add any  words to a short 3 minute video and I am sure you will understand. … [Read more...]

Follow Friday Blog Hop

Each week Hilary from Feeling Beachie lists 4 statements for us to fill in on our own blogs .  She always needs cohosts to come up with more statements so feel free to click on the link to join the blog hop or send her suggestions for statements. This week's cohost is Lisa Writes !  Check out her blog ! This week’s statements: 1) I have had the _____ time this_____ 2) I can’t believe that _______ 3) I feel ______ when I wear ______. 4) Technology is a _______. My answers: 1) I have … [Read more...]

A Wrong Turn, A Dead End Road and A Odd Discovery

I am notorious for having no sense of direction.   That is why I have my Billy Bob Thornton Karl from Slingblade voice GPS.   When I am driving around town I don't usually need to use Billy Bob because our town is not all that big.   One day I got all turned around going someplace and I wound up someplace bizarre. I was not sure what to make of it and didn't stop to investigate because 1) I was alone, 2) there was a pickup truck parked watching my every move as I turned around and 3) I … [Read more...]