Pray for Peace

  Pray for Peace … [Read more...]

Come on –Get Happy

I have been obsessed with this song lately but then yesterday I stumbled across this video and I became even more obsessed!  It was made in honor of World Down Syndrome Day (March 21) and is so fun I had to share it.  I was a bit disturbed that the spelling of syndrome was incorrect until my friend, Susi, told me it was the German spelling and that it was obviously filmed in Germany.  I was clueless and thanks to Susi now I know!!!  By the way, today is Susi's birthday so show her some love by … [Read more...]

Sunday Miracles

I found this video and to me it just shows the love that we can share with each other---young and old---if we only take the time to try to reach out to others. This woman is amazing to me---she continues to work with Gladys until she responds.   Watch to the end.....and have the kleenex box handy. … [Read more...]

Your Life in Jellybeans

How are you going to spend your life?   This is a pretty thought provoking video.  Enjoy. … [Read more...]

Don’t Miss This Post! You Will Regret It!

Because I care about my readers and want to share my knowledge with each and every one of you! What this video does not share is that the pearl fish likes to invite friends into his dark sanctuary with him....and yes...I think that is Hettie (Linda Hunt) from NCIS LA narrating. … [Read more...]

Easter Miracle

  YouTube video by briansgood2go … [Read more...]

Happy List, Anyone????

. Mine would have so many things...... The first night sitting out on the deck in the spring wearing short sleeves. Watching the birds flit to and from our bird feeders. Seeing a child on the beach playing in the sand. The perfect cup of tea poured into my favorite Teavana cup. That moment when I see my sons for the first time after being apart for a long time. The frost on the trees on a winter morning as it sparkles and shines like diamonds. The comment on my blog that brings a smile … [Read more...]

Send the Men in the White Coats

I have developed a fascination lately.  It may not be a healthy one but it is making me laugh. Hysterically at times.  It may be only me but I find goats to be very entertaining.  There are about a million zillion goat videos on YouTube and I may have watched every one of them twice.  My husband's patience is wearing thin.  I suspect this could be a defining moment in our marriage.  The "event" that pushes him to take a serious look at our relationship and make some decisions.  If you don't hear … [Read more...]

Something More

My good friend, Virginia, had the great opportunity to interview Nick Vujicic this week.  I posted a video about him a while back but of course I can not find it now!  Anyway--  he told her about this other video he had done and I wanted to share it with you.  I can not wait to see what Virginia writes----I will definitely share it with you when she does! … [Read more...]

10 Minute Wordless Wednesday

Thanks, Bernie.  Hugs. … [Read more...]