A Bit of a Rant

Fair warning—-I may rant a bit here today. It is one of those days….I will try to hold it down but you have been warned.

Life is too short to spend being upset about things but I have to admit I got a little steamed today about the lack of customer service.  Maybe I just expect too much but I figure if I shell out $600 for a product I should at least be kept apprised of the status of the item.  Not so.  I won’t go into all of the details or even mention the name of the suspect Visonworks store but it involves the purchase of some glasses and how they just don’t even follow up and take care of their customers.  Obviously it was not the issue of the guy who waited on me today who actually was the sales guy who fitted me but it got me thinking about what “I” would do if I ran the zoo, to quote Dr. Seuss.

1. I would greet my customer as soon as they entered the store, offer assistance and back off if they did not need any.  I would not stalk them and make them feel uncomfortable but I would be readily available if they did need assistance.

2. I would make a point of engaging them in conversation if they did make a purchase and try to call them by name if I had the opportunity.

3.  I would NOT be on my cell phone when there were customers in the store.

4. I would not have a huge bag of chips or other delightful salty snacks from which I was munching in full view of customers.

5. I would not have personal conversations with coworkers where customers could hear.

6. I would have all body art carefully chosen and hidden if it could be deemed offensive by some who viewed it.

7. I would always have clean hands—sanitizer everywhere regardless of what the business is.

8. I would dress professionally and appropriately.

9. When making a sale that required some follow up I would actually DO THE FOLLOW UP!   If a little detective work needed to be done, I would do it.

10. And finally—I would treat each customer with the respect and dignity that I would like to receive.

I feel better. Thanks for listening.

If you had to add any to the list please let me know.  I would love to hear your ideas!!!  

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  1. I don’t blame the person who waited on you… I blame the owner… I think that their present and involvment should be added to your list….If they don’t care enough to make sure their customers are being properly serviced, their staff sure won’t……

    • Good addition, Hilary!!! This list was not all aimed at the business yesterday—just a compilation of what I have observed over time!

  2. Sorry your had a frustrating experience. I suspect you’re feeling better now.

  3. Oh no…I feel for you, but if it helps you did make me laugh. I know, you are frustrated and I am laughing. I feel like a crappy friend right now. Chin up tiger…did that help? Have a cup of tea from one of your delightful teapots.

    • Yes, it helped!! But we have all been there, right??? That is why everyone has a list!!! Today is a new day. Yesterday was kind of sucky but today is a new one!!!

  4. Sometimes I feel that everyone wants a job until they actually GET one, and then they put in time until payday, complaining about how much is expected of them. Ooops, I’m ranting too.

  5. I agree with Hilary. It starts at the top. I worked in retail a long time ago and our manager was a slave driver when it came to customer service. We had to be on our toes… Going into a store now I often wonder what happened to customer service. It seems non-existent nowadays. And every once in a while you just gotta let off steam and rant.

    • I just had to vent. I think I made my point without losing control but it made me question whether I should just cancel the order. Still pondering that one….

  6. I don’t know, you seem to be having some trouble getting along with others lately..lol
    I recently went to Lens Crafters, and my only complaint was that didn’t notify me when my glasses came in, as they were supposed to..I had to call them to hear, “oh, yeah they’re here.” Other than that…No Problem.. Oh, BTW you rant marvelously.

  7. My biggest pet peeve at stores….? when you take the time to actually drive yourself to the store, and then you are standing in line — and they answer the phone BEFORE they serve you. drives me crazy. I am HERE – deal with me. And get an answering machine/service.
    Can’t believe this particular person was noshing on chips.

    • Amen, sister!! Actually the chip thing was another place…..I just collected them all….this experience did not embody all of those pet peeves—I should have made that a little bit clearer! 🙂

  8. I’m actually curious as to what the offensive body art is. I really don’t understand why someone would permanently decorate themselves with something profane.

    • Oh that was not during this incident—just a general observation of things I have observed over my many years on this earth. Most offensive I have seen has to be the KKK symbol…..

  9. Helen Brown says:

    I have my own rant right now. I think we deserve to have one once in a while. You know what mine is—-insurances that promise something and then you have to get lawyers and spend more money cancelling it than you feel fair. Grumble, grumble!

    • YES! I know about your rant and it is ridiculous!!! I am sorry. But my paperwork is in the mail as well as the rest of the siblings so all will be resolved soon for you hopefully!

  10. Sorry to hear you had a less-than-pleasant experience. You’re right. Glasses are extremely expensive, and when you buy them you deserve a certain degree of respect. My worst customer service and blog rant was about Verizon Wireless. I have to admit, you were a lot nicer about it than I was.

    • Oh I can imagine that Verizon could be rant-worthy!!! Isn’t it funny what ticks us off sometimes?? I am trying to move on……but not doing extremely well! 🙂

  11. pattisj says:

    Customer service in lacking in so many areas now so that good customer service shines like a beacon. I am always ecstatic to find businesses that still employ it,, and am sure to share the info where it was received with everyone I know. Maybe if we all did that, more business owners/managers would take notice.

    • When I find good service you can bet I tell everyone about it. I blog about it. I thank them. I write them a note–the whole deal. I think you are right that maybe if more of us did that folks would make a point of being aware of it.

  12. I would listen and not make excuses. I would not cut down a competitor to make my company look better. I would not tell the customer, “You need to deal directly with the product manufacturer.”

    Yes, I’ve gotten these responses when dealing with defective shingles purchased from a local lumber yard. You can bet I will never set foot in that place again.

    I think we’ve all been through these frustrating experiences. It seems like great customer service has walked out the door in many businesses today.

    • Oh those are great ones to add to the list. And of of mine did not happen during this one incident or else I am sure I would not have been so calm! Just a collection of what I would like to see!!! 🙂

  13. I agree with you on everything! I actually refuse to go into certain stores because they violate several of these things. These companies really need to learn how to function properly or else they will lose all of their customers!

    • I hate to be a pain in the arse but sometimes it is the only way to get action. By the way—-no word from them yet. I am about ready to just go cancel my order…..

  14. Really the only way to improve customer service is to vote with your buying dollars. If you receive poor service, contact the manager & let them know about your complaint – if they do not bend over backwards to fix the problem then take you buying dollars someplace else & don’t go back.
    Interesting statistic – an unhappy customer will tell approximately 25 other people how unhappy they were with “Brand A Store”. Good customer service – the customer will probably tell only 3 -4 people. So if you think about it, when a customer receives bad service from you, you are not just losing one customer, you are losing 25 potential customers who have listened to your unhappy customer complain.
    I think customer service has gone out the window now we are dealing with the privileged youth in the working world who believe the world owes them something. It’s a generational thing.

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